Occupy Denver: Will city's new order mean more arrests today?

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After thirteen arrests on Monday following weeks in which no one was jailed, Occupy Denver spent last night strengthening its small fort city at Civic Center Park and preparing for a second wave of busts. Yesterday, Public Works officials served the group with a second official notice to remove all encumbrances, this time with a deadline of 10 a.m. today. The last time the group received a warning notice, it was followed by eviction.

The notice, which reached the camp yesterday around 3 p.m., asks protesters to remove all personal property from the area immediately or risk the same items being "subject to removal by the City of Denver."

"City crews delivered notices to those around Civic Center Park alerting them that it is unlawful to encumber the public right-of-way," says Christine Downs, marketing and communications director for Public Works. "Under D.R.M.C. section 49-246, 'the Manager of Public Works or the manager's designee is authorized to remove or order the removal of any article, vehicle, or things whatsoever encumbering any street alley, sidewalk, parkway, or other public place.'"

occupy eviction warning.jpg
Courtesy of Occupy Denver
The group's recent notice.
But the warning is not a new one for Occupy Denver: The most recent notice is the second in a series related to encumbrances, defined as anything that blocks the sidewalks in front of the park. It comes only a week after the group's attempt to guarantee a restraining order against this and three other city ordinances failed in federal court.

Although the group's last warning was delivered by police, the decision is "not a police action," says Denver Police Department public information officer Matt Murray. Officers will, however, assist if needed. Given the planned response from Occupy Denver, that chance is likely.

"We will be available if they need us," Murray says. "Just like anybody. If the firemen needed us anywhere, we would go. The goal is that these folks protect their property and get it where it belongs. All I can do is enforce the law when we need to. We're not the enemy."

Last night's 7 p.m. general assembly served as a rallying of forces as Occupy protesters debated and voted on how to respond to attempts to remove their property from the area. Since the last large-scale local altercation with police on November 12, protesters have turned sleeping bag rolls into a substantial series of small forts in order to escape the cold and create community morale. Although the last notice ended with the Thunderdome vacating a permanent spot at the park, the fort-like areas that have since risen up are larger than their November predecessors.

Page down for more about the occupiers' planned response.

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1. This Wal-Mart thing is at least symbolically a great move. 

2. Symbolic activism doesn't result in large scale police presence. Corey D. jokes aside, we won't regain control over our political process without a large scale police presence. 

Don't lose sight of what this SHOULD be about, we are taking back our fundamental human rights from the non-human entities that want to strip them from us. 

The police protect those non-human entities, and their property, just like they did in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

High Country Caregiver is just making jokes. Its all love. 

Check out some Sergio Corbucci films the next time you light up. 


Word is Corey Donahue plans on defending the wet sleeping bags with his patented "Nut tap" assault tactics.

Word on the street is that the DPD is going to counter this by sending in all female officers. There by depriving the depraved of their only known tactic - grabbing other men's testicles...


The city of Denver is absolutely stupid to try and crack down on this movement. The past two weeks Occupy Denver has been very fragmented, and certain individuals very divisive. The City just gave everyone a common enemy and this will just serve to drag this out longer. Don't get me wrong, I fully support Occupy Denver, but when looking at this from a tactical angle, the actions by the city today are not strategically sound.

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

Awesome!  I hope that we get to see lots of tear gas and baton footage on nightly news! 


Yes, let's protest and disrupt a business that employs a large number of the "99%."  Brilliant.


Yes, let's. We need to be producers in our communities, exporters in our communities, we need to be more self-sufficient.

We need to be more resourceful than "what am I gonna do without this Wal Mart job?"

Mental midgets. 

Stick it
Stick it

Including you, yourself, your mom, the sperm donor, and Rosy Palm.  Get a freaking hobby, Robert.  I don't see how the MMJ movement will make any progress in Denver with you involved.

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