Occupy Denver: Protester Corey Donahue's strangest moments with law enforcement

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A Donahue mug.
This week's cover story subject, Occupy Denver protester and medical marijuana voice Corey Donahue, has cornered his role in Denver activism through strategies that are occasionally illegal and never boring. Say what you like about him, (Occupy Denver's Twitter account called him out this morning), but the man stays busy. In honor of his appearance on our cover, Westword looked into the probable cause statements regarding his Occupy Denver arrests -- and we present you with the strangest excerpts below.

Corey Donahue Probable Cause statement 10-14

The first entry on our list marks Donahue's original arrest for the occupation, when he was taken in for unlawful conduct on state property and resisting arrest on October 14, the night of Occupy Denver's first eviction. According to the statement that resulted, the MMA-trained fighter caused a bit of a ruckus during his arrest, going so far as to tell the advising officer in the situation to either "Fuck off" or "Fuck yourself." (The first option is crossed out in favor of the second.)

"It took four officers including myself to cuff Mr. Donahue as he was pulling his hands out of the flex cuffs. As trooper Richards and I escorted Mr. Donahue to the arrest center, Mr. Donahue quit walking... Mr. Donahue stated he wanted to struggle to get out of the cuffs... After the transport vehicle arrived, Mr. Donahue was loaded by four officers into the vehicle."

Donahue Probable Cause Statement 10/15

The next one comes only one day later, when Donahue was arrested for unlawful sexual contact when he allegedly touched a Channel 4 reporter's genitals during a police raid on the encampment. Donahue has shared his side of the story in the past, but this report takes a more step-by-step approach to the incident.

"Donahue then reached towards (name redacted) and with an open hand grabbed his genitals... and said 'nut job!' (Name) stated that Donahue did not have his permission to touch him in any way nor was the touching consensual... (Name) said he never met Donahue prior to the incident nor did he know him at the time of the incident.

Corey Donahue/Occupy Denver Statement of Probable Cause

Judging by our third statement, Donahue's interactions with law enforcement have continued to follow a similar track in recent weeks. His latest arrest for inciting a riot and obstruction of justice on October 13 is accompanied by a curious sequence of events that begins, again, with cussing.

"Donahue stood in front of her police car and told numerous protesters 'Let's block these motherfuckers in!' As the aggressive and hostile crowd circled around me, I handcuffed the suspect, who was identified as Donahue... Because of the actions of Donahue inciting the riot, multiple officers, including state patrol, were called in to assist restoring order. Two state patrol officers were seriously injured during the ensuing riot, which was started by and encouraged by Donahue. After being handcuffed, (when) Donahue was being walked to (the) police car, Donahue continued to yell at the crowd."

More from our Occupy Denver archive: "Occupy Denver: Allegedly dead woman leads vigil for allegedly dead woman."

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Mr Manumba Ney
Mr Manumba Ney

                                    LETTER  TO  THE  COURT

   Dear Judge,

   I highly recommend Corey be Court Ordered confined to Sheriff Patrick Sullivan's home.

   Sheriff Patrick Sullivan has proven techniques for reforming bad boys like Corey.

                                           so shall it be considered,                                           Mr Manumba Ney


Liar, thief, sexual molester, drunkard, psychopath, sociopath....

These are just a couple of words that I can think of to describe this POS....

Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray


The Sheriff wants to give you free room and board, Meth and a job as security guard at the State Capitol in exchange for Nut Jobs.


Yeah, you're just oozing sensitivity towards women with your comment on the 9News blooper video story, which reads:

"mmmm.... sweater meat..... yumm!"

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Ignoramuses, morons, liars, dupes, scum -- these are several words (for future reference, "a couple" means two) which accurately describe you and your likers.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

So clever and amusing -- why don't you just post "I don't know what's going on, and I am as easily led as if I had a ring in my nose"?

Pam's Dog
Pam's Dog

Sweater meat IS tasty....

What was your point?

Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray

Go smoke your Meds and mellow out; you and Corey.

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