Occupy Denver: Why did city not cite conference call about occupiers in open records request?

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Michael Hancock.
Update: Westword recently received a copy of Kilmer, Lane & Newman's updated CORA request from investigator Christopher Dodd. The document is blunt: In it, Dodd references the existence of an Occupy movement-related U.S. Conference of Mayors conference call involving Mayor Michael Hancock's staff and asks very specifically for any details related to it. But as we pointed out in our original post below, the results were still the same. Zilch.

"Documentation of this phone call is exactly the sort of record I was seeking with my request," Dodd writes, pointing out the media coverage that had already touched on the issue. But the most notable aspect of the follow-up request (on view below) is probably its ending. Completed on November 18, only days after Miller says the second conference call took place, the document closes with this sentiment from Dodd:

"I find it difficult to imagine that the Mayor's Office does not have a single instance of documentation of such communication. I urge you to reconsider your response to my request."

Instead, the Mayor's Office responded by saying it had no material related to the open-records request -- a position it continues to maintain.

Look below to see the second CORA request in its entirety. Our previous coverage follows.

2011.11.18 CORA Followup With City

Page down to read our earlier coverage.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Amber Miller admits that City staff failed to comply with Lane's CORA request.  As is the case with regard to so many other official deficiencies, one cannot tell where incompetence leaves off and deliberate misconduct begins -- did Janice Sinden, Amber or anyone else in the Mayor's administration succeed in parsing the first sentence in Lane's request?  We'll never know.


Great work Kelsey! I've personally asked Stephanie O'Malley (the mayors liaison for the occupy movement) about this very issue, to which she told me there had been no national coordination or participation in anything like this.

Either she didn't know or she straight up lied to me. Cheers to politicans!

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