Reader: Occupy Denver tent crackdowns should lead to a similar police war on SNIAGRAB

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Patricia Calhoun's post about the ultimately unsuccessful Occupy Denver request for a temporary restraining order against Denver noted that police destroyed occupiers' tents yet allowed bargain hunters to camp out for a week-plus prior to Sports Authority's SNIAGRAB sale. One commenter had something to say about that.

Robert Chase writes:

When SNIAGRAB rolls around, I expect to see hundreds of riot police and SWAT descend upon it, destroying tents and arresting those scofflaws who dare to erect them.

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Mr Manumba Ney
Mr Manumba Ney

Sniadrab is bargains spelled backwards.The event takes place over Labor Day Weekend.The Sports Authority pays off-duty Denver Police to provide safety and security.For the Ballon Boy Lawyer to file a frivoulous complaint in United States District Court comparing the two as the same is outragous.Sniadrab provides jobs and tax revenue and is safe.Just because the Balloon Boy Lawyer believes in UFO's, does not mean the court or the public should.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith

Nahhh, ya can't fuck with commerce in America, Robert. Nice ironic touch, though.

Besides, if they did, our ball-less City Council might have to ask "Is that what we should be doing?" instead of just whining about how much it costs.

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