Occupy Denver: Thirteen arrests in Loveland Walmart protest, at least two still jailed

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Update: According to the final numbers released from the Loveland Police Department, thirteen total arrests resulted from Occupy Denver's attempt to shut down the area's Walmart distribution center on Monday.

Charges included obstructing a public roadway, hindering transportation and resisting arrest.

Of the thirteen arrests, most people were removed from the scene, ticketed and released shortly after being taken into custody. Although the LPD has yet to provide the names of those still in custody, a release on the subject states that "a small number of persons who were combative with officers were booked into the Larimer County Detention Center." Among that number are Benjamin Dolon and Amelia Nicol, neither of whom have returned to Denver.

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Courtesy of Kerri Kellerman
Occupy protesters and Loveland police officers at the site of Monday's protest.
During the day's activities, one arrestee reported an injury, and no officers were harmed. The injured party received treatment at the scene from paramedics who were called as part of the LPD's attempt to plan for the event in advance.

Below is a video from the day's protest, followed by our previous coverage.

Original post, 4:10 p.m December 12.: At the present time, all protesters who were previously detained by police have returned to the area with tickets for traffic offenses except for two. Benjamin Dolon and Amelia Nicol, both removed from the site of the protest earlier this afternoon, are believed to have been arrested and taken into official custody. The current list of people cited for impeding traffic and other minor offenses rests at approximately ten. In all, the site is estimated to have been shut down for a consistent half hour earlier in the afternoon.

Update, 1:20 p.m.: Around 9 a.m., a group of Occupy Denver protesters met outside Loveland's Walmart distribution center with signs discouraging corporate bureaucracy. Around seven people have been reported arrested so far, though some have since returned. The list of names includes John Sexton, Amelia Nicol and Caryn Sodaro, all of whom have faced previous arrests related to Occupy Denver.

Although a full list is not yet available, the event is currently streaming live online.

Since news of these arrests, a few of those detained (including Sodaro and Sexon) have returned to the area with news that they were removed by officers and released about a mile away with a ticket rather than being taken to prison. Westword will continue to post updates as we learn of further developments.

The Thunderdome served food throughout the morning. Then, not long after noon, a group of people was arrested after blocking the street in front of the center to keep Walmart trucks from leaving the site. Protesters were warned by on-site police not to do so; they attempted the move a few times before a tent was erected and a handful of occupiers linked arms in front of the exit. At that point, police moved in for the first round of arrests. (It is important to note that the Denver Anarchist Black Cross, the body that until now has organized all efforts to bail protesters out of prison, announced its decision to stop legal support last week.)

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Protesters stand in front of the Walmart distribution center in Loveland, Colorado.
Immediately after this round came another, when protesters' attempt to film and photograph the initial arrests led to a scuffle. Nicol was removed from the area for crossing a literal line on the street onto Walmart's private property, while Sexton was arrested immediately after calling to reassure his mother (and comfort her about the Occupy Denver-related court appearance he made earlier this morning.) Another arrestee, One Family of Love member, Benjamin Donlon, was also busted during the group's march against Wells Fargo in October.

Although protesters temporarily blocked the center, traffic leaving the site has now been re-routed so that trucks are leaving from the entrance. One tent is still up. The current protest totals stand around fifty protesters and forty cops, according to sources on-site. A number of officers are armed, while about ten ride horses. Occupy Denver has since been joined by other Colorado groups, including Occupy Colorado Springs, which plans to maintain a presence at a local Walmart until 6 p.m. today.

Check back later for updates, and page down for our previous coverage, including an Occupy Denver video.

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For real though, Wal-Mart wants to be the engine of your community yet they would gladly pay for your prison cell.

Why would you ever trust a non-human entity to feed off your community so that it can become more powerful? Do you think another Holocaust is not possible? 


Oh shit I didn't even really realize this had just happened!!!

That Wal-Mart is so weird its basically on a fucking FARM. 

Samuel Stray
Samuel Stray

The Denver Police could learn something from the Loveland Police.Instead of ticketing cars, Loveland Police ticketed the protesters.Way to go Loveland Police, you got it right the first time.


Walmart is the epitome of a corrupt corporation. The American tax payer literally subsidizes the profits of the Walton family (who's net worth is equal to the bottom 30% of all Americans). This is done through purposeful cutting of hours to make sure that workers work just enough hours to NOT earn benefits. They encourage employees to get government assistance. That means we pay the difference, but Walmart makes more profits. They also discriminate and against and harass women, in this country and abroad. Not to mention, they're entire business model is based on taking over towns and putting all small businesses out of business, by undercutting their prices. They can afford to do this because they outsource the making of their products to countries employing children and women working for slave wages in horrific conditions. Because they're such a behemoth, they set the standard for all retailers, who  are also then forced to outsource to countries for slave-wage production to be able to stay competitive. Therefore, they have single-handedly changed the economic landscape of America, a place that no longer produces, just consumes. So, through the job losses of taking virtually all production overseas to the job losses of putting small businesses out of business, they are not job creators. They provide the antithesis of the American dream; they lower our standard of living. And, because of the poor wages rampant in our country, many people have no choice but to shop at Walmart because it's the only place they can afford. Thus, the self-perpetuating cycle of lowered standard of living limiting choice which bolsters the company who lowered the standard of living in the first place. If you're for violations of child labor laws, human rights violations, sweatshop labor, wage abuse, sexual harassment and discrimination, corporate-interest lobbyists, tax-payer subsidized corporate profits, and general immoral behavior, then by all means stick up for Walmart. If you are against such practices, support people who point these issues out and take a stand against them!    

N. Logsdon
N. Logsdon

OD - I only thought your camping - no - LIVING in MY City Parks and LIVING on MY city sidewalks, etc. was seriously getting on my nerves. I was wrong. I heard this weekend about your cohorts trying to shut down the ports on the coast to interrupt commerce. And now you morons made it to WalMart, too. My husband and I both work our asses off EVERY DAY to keep things going, and we do not appreciate you.  Did I mention my husband DRIVES A TRUCK?  Yeah, the very same kind I saw you idiots sitting in front of on the news this evening. It doesn't take too many brain cells to realize you are HURTING the very people you lie & say you represent....The working people of this country. WE ARE THE WORKING PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!!  You ARE NOT.  Don't think so?....I figured not.  I will do the math for you then. When the commerce shut-down on the coast ripples to Colorado, my husband, and a WHOLE BUNCH of those other folks out there who transport the commerce you halted, will have nothing to transport... No runs to go on... No deliveries... NO PAYCHECK.  Crap like this could very well cancel Christmas in my house, and I am sure my house would not be the only one. You all have been tolerated here, but never welcomed.  And now you are costing us money? Who the fuck do you think you are


I don't feel good.  At all.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Go OD!

Larimer County has responded predicably to protest with an overwhelming display of police and paramilitary force, their motto:  Vivat Walmart!

High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

Why the hell are the occupiers bothering Walmart shoppers?  I think the Occupy movement needs to be ended by the authorities with maximum force!  Choke on pepper spray morons!


They should fine the opportunists in real estate, government, and finance who allowed this store into their community in the first place.

They should use the money from those enormous fines to move Wal Mart out of their community and restore the businesses, farms, breweries, groceries, and others who had their livelihood stripped from them because of this backroom deal. 

Lastly they should provide statutes that would prevent our communities from being destroyed and our self-sufficiency tore out from under us.

Roots. Trees. Loveland. 


I'm laughing my head off at what a joke OD has become.  Between the numerous splinter groups, the Corey Donahue drama, and now being abandoned by your financial and legal backers?  I thought that the fun of watching these guys was over, but I'm delighted to see that the circus hasn't yet left town.  

Hey Kelsey, how about a story about the split between the ABC, and the OD?  I'd love to see the names of the OD folks who took advantage of the generosity of the ABC's bail fund and didn't even have the balls to show up for court.  

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