Richard Rosenthal: Independent monitor in Denver to head up unit in British Columbia

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In May, Joel Warner profiled Richard Rosenthal, Denver's independent monitor -- the man charged with determining if police officers accused of misconduct were given appropriate punishment. Now, however, he's moving his act north -- way north.

Today, Rosenthal was publicly announced as the first civilian director for independent investigations of police incidents in British Columbia, Canada.

During his time in Denver, Rosenthal was often under fire from cops and their union over his views -- like his claim that an officer who allegedly assaulted volunteer firefighter Jared Lunn had been punished too lightly and his conclusion that Denver cops were getting free rides for DUIs.

His tough reputation obviously preceded him to Canada. After being asked if suggestions that Denver cops would be happy to see him leave, The Globe and Mail quotes him as responding, "It's fair to say I have high expectations. My expectation is that officers will tell the truth."

We've left multiple messages for Rosenthal. When and if he gets back to us, we'll update this post. In the meantime, click to read the feature article "Independent Monitor Richard Rosenthal keeps a close eye on the Denver police."

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

"My expectation is that officers will tell the truth" -- and that is why Rosenthal is getting as far away from Denver as he can.

I want Freedom
I want Freedom

Good riddens douchebag. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I wonder if the folks in Canada know how you cost the City of Los Angeles $15 million after 3 Rampart officers sued and won after your malicious prosecution. It is yet to be seen if the Denver taxpayers will be left holding the bag also because of his incompetence. I hope he doesn't stray to far into the wilderness in Canada because you never know when there is going to be a hunting accident.

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