Reader: Honk if you support Ron Paul

Last Friday morning, metro area highways were almost as crowded as a Republican presidential debate when supporters of Ron Paul unfurled banners, slowing traffic along the routes. And although the Colorado Department of Transportation says such advertisements are against the law, Paul proponents insist they'd do it again.

Says urallinsane:

I saw at least 35 of these signs on my way to work, and I saw DOT people taking them down too. The messages I remember on the signs were things like, Fed up with the Fed, End the Drug War, Get the Troops Home, and some liberty and freedom messages. I can't believe they would rush around the way they did to keep people from seeing these messages. I hope these guys do it again. I'd help them!

With Colorado a swing state in the 2012 presidential election, expect to see a lot more traffic jams as candidates come to town.

Over the past century, the Brown Palace has hosted all but two incumbent presidents. Which ones skipped the hotel? Find out in in "Barack Obama follows Calvin Coolidge's lead, snubs Brown Palace."

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Bob Smith
Bob Smith

And how many tickets were given out for honking and otherwise interfering with the free flow of traffic?

I agree with Paul on some things, disagree on others - but at least he's neither a cynical hypocrite nor a gutless wonder like our current "leaders".

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

If a Neo-Feudalist were to be elected, Ron Paul would be the least of evils.

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