Scott Gessler's call for help doesn't convince Colorado Pols

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Scott Gessler.
Denver blog posts enjoyed a lovely three-day weekend.

Colorado Pols isn't buying the reasons Scott Gessler says Colorado's finance laws need a rewrite.

In contrast, Free Colorado's Ari Armstrong says Gessler has emerged as the state's free-speech secretary of state.

The Denver PR Blog shares "Great Moments in Journalism XXXVIII."

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Gessler's job is not to directly contradict State statutes he dislikes -- the Tenth Circuit did not invite him to pick a reporting threshold! The General Assembly is responsible for modifying the statute Gessler and Armstrong oppose, and Gessler's party controls the House.  Gessler has wasted the People's money attempting to legislate as Secretary of State, just as he did when he attempted to suppress voter turnout by opining that county clerks should not send ballots to voters -- every time Gessler tries to abuse the power of his office, the courts have to stop him, and we all pay the price.

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