Ten most memorable celebrity and notables mug shots of 2011

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Photos below.
Our 2011 mug shot showcase rolls on. Yesterday, we shared our picks for the year's ten most intimidating images. Now, cast your eyes on celebrities and notables who earned booking photos of their own, featuring several past and present Denver Broncos (what would Timmy say?), a Hollywood star having a bad day, a lawman allegedly gone wrong and more. Check them out below, and be sure to click on the links to connect with our original coverage.

Laurence Maroney mugshot.jpg
Laurence Maroney.
Read more in "Laurence Maroney, Broncos bust arrested in St. Louis, says he needs to be smarter (VIDEO)."

michael c Gilliland mug shot.jpg
Michael C. Gilliland.
Read more in "Michael C. Gilliland: Sunflower Farmers Market CEO resigns after child prostitution bust."

Douglas Bruce - CAG.JPG
Douglas Bruce.
Read more in "Douglas Bruce, father of TABOR and controversy magnet, indicted for tax evasion."

matt prater mug shot.jpg
Matt Prater.
Read more in "Matt Prater, Broncos kicker: Will he lose job over hit-and-run DUI with strip-club employee?"

nicolas cage mug shot.jpg
Nicolas Cage.
Read more in "Dog the Bounty Hunter shows Nicolas Cage love after he pulls a Charlie Sheen (VIDEO)."

Page down for more notables.

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