Tim Tebow: 10 memorable tweets from Twitter non-believers

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Tim Tebow.
When members of Twitter Nation aren't abuzz with rumors about Tim Tebow breaking up Lindsey Vonn's marriage, they're chewing over The Chosen One's pros and cons. And even after six straight victories, there are still plenty of doubters. We've collected the ten most memorable recent tweets from those who still question Timmy, featuring messages from NPR's Scott Simon and ESPN's Trey Wingo. Why hath they forsaken him? Find out below.

No. 10:

1 tim tebow hater tweet.jpg

No. 9:

2 tim tebow hater tweet.jpg

No. 8:

3 tim tebow hater tweet.jpg

No. 7:

4 tim tebow hater tweet.jpg

No. 6:

5 tim tebow hater tweet.jpg
Page down to see the top five.

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High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

@TimTebow the biggest news out of Colorado since medical marijuana and a gift from God as well

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