Top 25 mug shots of November 2011

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Big pics below.
It's been a crazy month for Colorado crime, and we've got the mug shots to prove it. Page down below to see pics of everyone from the woman who grabbed a bar staffer's balls in a way that went beyond friendliness to the former Arapahoe County sheriff behind bars in the jail named for him -- and click on the accompanying links to read our original coverage.

richard heeringa mug shot.jpg
Richard Carl Heeringa.
Read more in "Richard Carl Heeringa, molester and one of U.S. Marshal's 15 most wanted, captured in Michigan."

Charles Waters (1).jpg
Charles Edward Waters.
Read more in "Charles Edward Waters claims self-defense in double stabbing, one fatal (30)."

manuel mcgee mug shot.jpg
Manuel McGee.
Read more in "Manuel McGee allegedly got away with brutal rape for 3 years -- until his DNA betrayed him."

Danielle Lynn Brockman mug shot.jpg
Danielle Lynn Brockman.
Read more in "Danielle Lynn Brockman charged with child abuse, neglect after 2 kids left alone die in fire."

veronica carpio mug shot.jpg
Veronica Carpio.
Read more in "Veronica Carpio, former owner of 420 Highways dispensary, arrested on marijuana charges."

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