Reader: Denver Zoo exhibit Toyota Elephant Passage's name has a funny smell to it

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Yesterday, Melanie Asmar posted about the renaming of the Denver Zoo's ambitious Asian Tropics elephant exhibit as Toyota Elephant Passage in recognition of a $5.4 million donation from local dealers.

For one reader, though, the moniker conjures up an unwanted image.

Jon S. writes:

"Toyota Elephant Passage" makes it sound like Toyota named their latest model after elephant dung.

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Located right next to the Kellogs Tiger Den, which is located just across from the Izod Lizard Barn.

Say no to stupid.
Say no to stupid.

Naming a zoo exhibit after any company makes it sound cheap and worth skipping out of protest.  Would Red Rocks be as cool if it were named "Taco Bell's Chalupa Amphitheater," or would people actually go to the Cave of the Winds if it were named "Vagisil's Big Windy Hole"?

Here is a picture of someone jumping an elephant with a truck, though it would be a lot funnier if the truck were a Toyota:

Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

Dude, I would pay *double* to go see an attraction named "Vagisil's Big Windy Hole".  The merchandising alone would make the owners rich beyond dreams.

Seriously, though, if it's just the aesthetics of the name which bothers you, then I don't see the big deal.  If more private donations mean the zoo can go with fewer tax dollars (disclaimer: I pay annually for a family membership), then they can rename the whole damn thing "Purina Animal Paradise" for all I care.

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