Colorado Black Caucus launches with reception tonight

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Michael Hancock.
Wilma Webb was one of the first African-American representatives in the Colorado legislature -- and she pushed through a measure making Martin Luther King Day a state holiday in 1984, two years before it was recognized nationally. In 1991, her husband, Wellington Webb, became Denver's first black mayor. But then the number of African-Americans in Colorado government began dwindling, and by the start of 2011 some were concerned their presence would fade away completely.

For example, the number of African-Americans representatives in the legislature dropped from four to one between 2006 and 2010, and Michael Hancock was the only black member of Denver City Council -- and rather than seeking that seat again, he was running for mayor.

That concern inspired state representative Angela Williams to found the Colorado Black Caucus, an organization that aims to increase African-American participation throughout all levels of government. The group will officially launch tonight with a reception celebrating the fourteen African-American elected officials currently in Colorado government.

Those officials, all members of the Colorado Black Caucus, range from Mayor Michael Hancock to Regional Transportation District board members, city council members, school board members, lawmakers in the General Assembly and University of Colorado regents.

"They gave birth to the Colorado Black Caucus to promote statewide collaboration to better serve the underserved," says April Washington, spokeswoman for the group.

The reception, which is expected to draw over 200 people -- including lobbyists, business center leaders, and other government representatives -- will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Denver Colorado Museum of Nature and Science. For more information, e-mail

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Why would anyone of whatever ethnic background celebrate this Mayor?


I suspect anyone short of Eugene Debs himself would fail to live up to your unrealistic utopian misconceptions. But keep on keeping on Tea Partier of the Left.

Why would anyone of whatever ethnic background give a damn what you think?

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Right -- because I object to Denver's self-destructive decision to sink back into the mire of croney politics, I am an unrealistic extremist.

Michael Hancock's chief motivation has been to become one of the cronies in the Establishment; he is utterly unsuited by temperament, outlook, or ability to confront Denver's real problems.

Why should anyone give a damn about what I think?  Because I am trying to change Denver and Colorado for the better.  As a single example, I have (since 2009) supported the proposal to divest responsibility for investigating complaints lodged against police officers from the Internal Affairs Bureau of the DPD and giving it to an independent Police Complaints Board; by laterally transferring already budgeted positions out from underneath the control of DPD's corrupt administration, we can help establish public trust in the disciplinary process.

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