"Cottage food bill," being heard today, would allow home cooks to sell goods on their own

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Colorado Cottage Food
Should bakers and cake-makers be able to sell delicious wares made in home kitchens at farmer's markets and roadside stands? That's the question lawmakers will debate today when they take up House Bill 12-1027, the so-called "cottage food bill." Sponsored by Republican Representative Laura Bradford, the measure would allow counties or public health agencies to register home cooks, who could then sell their cookies directly to you and me.

The registration would be good for a year and cost no more than $100. The bill makes clear that home cooks must label their products with their name, address, contact information and the products' ingredients -- which cannot include medical marijuana. The label must also include a disclaimer: "THIS PRODUCT WAS PRODUCED IN A HOME KITCHEN THAT IS NOT SUBJECT TO STATE LICENSURE OR INSPECTION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR RESALE."

The bill will be heard by the House Economic and Business Development Committee at 1:30 p.m. today. Supporters (armed with cookies!) are planning a rally beforehand.

See below for a video from 11News about the bill.

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Dennis McFerrin
Dennis McFerrin

This bill is completely not responsible. It appears to help a handful of back alley bakers at the expense of the general public, Have we already forgot the listeria out break of last year or the samonela problem prior.Is this an intelligent decision to put the consumer at risk just to obtain a couple of votes? This could maybe be a consideration for a rural county, but not for metro Denver. Lets show common sense.   Dennis McFerrin  

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