Meet ten Mullen grads recruited by major colleges in Dave Logan era

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Dave Logan.
Dave Logan, recently fired as head coach of Mullen High School, is denying that he knew about recruiting violations, and says he would have fired any assistants guilty of such acts.

As noted in our post yesterday, Mullen has long been suspected of recruiting -- but Logan's defenders insist he attracted the best talent due to his name and reputation.

Whatever the case, there's no denying he's been hugely successful at producing players recruited at the major college level. Look below to meet ten notable examples, including a couple of current talents who'll be making the leap to D-1 this fall. Photos and info courtesy of and

cyler miles.jpg
Cyler Miles.
Cyler Miles
Class of 2012
Committed to Washington

tyler henington.jpg
Tyler Henington.
Tyler Henington
Defensive lineman
Class of 2012
Committed to Colorado

adonis ameen moore.jpg
Adonis Ameen-Moore.
Adonis Ameen-Moore
Running back
Class of 2011

brady daigh.jpg
Brady Daigh.
Brady Daigh
Middle linebacker
Class of 2011

leilon willingham.jpg
Leilon Willingham.
Leilon Willingham
Outside linebacker
Class of 2011
Central Florida (transferring to Northern Colorado)

conor healy.jpg
Conor Healy.
Conor Healy
Class of 2011
Air Force Academy

junior onyeali.jpeg
Junior Onyeali.
Junior Onyeali
Defensive end
Class of 2010
Arizona State

ryan hewitt.jpg
Ryan Hewitt.
Ryan Hewitt
Tight end
Class of 2009

ben burney.jpg
Ben Burney.
Ben Burney
Class of 2005

grant crunkleton.jpg
Grant Crunkleton.
Grant Crunkleton
Cornerback/wide receiver
Class of 2005
Arizona State

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Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

I find it absurd that anybody gives a shit about "recruiting violations" in high school athletics.  This is on the level of being jealous that some girl brought a date from another school to her prom.

Budd Jones
Budd Jones

This controversy is out of control and the students at Mullen are the losers!Dave Logan should focus on selling Roofs & Siding,


There are too many connections to outside powers that influence Pro sports....Tv Sports Advertising....Radio Advertising....He's a regular Tom Martino! Granted he's had a great career in Colorado but why take the chance on becoming another Joe Paterno! He admits he does not have the time to be committed full time.... He knows the rules ..the parents know the rules...they have to approach him.

Its too obvious Dave,,,of course you are surrounded by parents who want their children to succeed but you have the experience whereas YOU SHOULD BE COMPETING AGAINST YOUR PEERS...NOT HIGH SCHOOL MATH TEACHERS! Take the High Road Dave...Would your record be so impeccable if John Elway coached Cherry Creek? Let the kids at Mullen stand on their own merits Its reported next year Pele will be the Soccer Coach at Mullen...................Yippee!...More Championships!


Logan is a class act...I can't believe mullen hasn't cleaned house of the clowns that fired him


So, you think Dave Logan should be competing against his peers?  are you saying he's too good or too experienced to be a volunteer high school coach?  This whole issue should be about what is best for the kids, and I don't think limiting the field of coaching candidates to teaching staff is guaranteeing a better experience for those boys.

Ben Dover
Ben Dover

Michael, since you are the host, get me something to drink, and then go clean up somewhere else.

Budd Jones
Budd Jones

Read the other article this author wrote...Mullen has long been suspected of recruiting

Then defend him next year when he goes to Cherry Creek and all the players from Mullen whose parents are whining....will end up at Cherry Creek too!Its so obvious...take any Pro player who coaches High School and parents will do anything to get the inside track with someone with College/Pro connections.

Regardless of the HS rules..he's a Tin Man...a Storm Chasing Roofing Salesman that has mirrored the Flim Flam of Tom Martino and the "blame the assistants" mentality of Josh McDaniels.

What do you think about Pele coaching the soccer team...guaranteeing a better experience!? I

Ben Dover
Ben Dover

Either express an opinion or simply shut up, Michael

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