Denver TV personalities' goofiest Facebook photos

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lisa hidalgo in mouse ears cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Even though Facebook is great for sharing oddball photos, many Denver TV personalities aren't interested in playing. Either they don't have a page, or they maintain one that's purposefully dull.

But here are some sample shots from folks in the spotlight who aren't afraid to have some fun, even if it means embarrassing themselves. Join the club!

adele arakawa feeds kirk montgomery on mark koebrichs page.jpg
9News' Adele Arakawa feeds Kirk Montgomery like a seal -- an image shared by anchor Mark Koebrich.

libby weaver ron zappolo.jpg
Fox31's Libby Weaver goofing on Ron Zappolo.

mike nelson in kilt.jpg
7News' Mike Nelson in an outfit that just kilt!
Page down for more goofiness.

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The Beave
The Beave

I like the one with Lippy Beaver.

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