Denver Zoo welcomes 11,000-pound male elephant Groucho

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groucho the elephant.jpg
Fort Worth Zoo
Bodhi the elephant has a new buddy. The Denver Zoo has welcomed its second male elephant, a 41-year-old named Groucho who came from the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas to live in the Denver Zoo's new mega-exhibit, Toyota Elephant Passage. He's a big boy: At 11,000 pounds, Groucho is now the zoo's fattest heaviest plumpest most abundant resident.

Toyota Elephant Passage, which was rechristened after a $5.4 million donation from seven local Toyota dealerships, will be groundbreaking when it opens on June 1. As explained in our 2009 feature, "Trunk Show," it will be capable of housing up to twelve elephants, eight of which could be male. No other zoo in North America has the capacity to house that many bull elephants.

Look below to see photos of Groucho arriving in Denver.

groucho the elephant arrives in denver.jpg
Denver Zoo/Charlotte Bassin

groucho the elephant arrives in denver_2.jpg
Denver Zoo/Charlotte Bassin
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