Hell's Lovers: Nineteen suspects appear in court on drugs, weapons, explosives charges

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Big photos below.
Nineteen members of the Hell's Lovers motorcycle gang appeared in court yesterday -- so many that the suspects reportedly filled the jury box and flooded into the front-row area reserved for observers. That's the scope of federal indictments on view below, which allege a slew of charges involving drugs, weapons, explosives and more.

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A captured vest.
The first indictment seen here is directed at the trio of Vincent Giron Jr., Joel Wright and Patrick Lowder, who were accused of being the bomb, in a manner of speaking. Charges against them include possession of stolen explosive materials; possession of a prohibited weapon; possessing, making and transferring prohibited weapons; possession of body armor by a prohibited person; and aiding and abetting.

Where did they get this stuff? Well, some of it apparently came from law enforcement, including a couple of flash-bang devices and a ballistic vest once the property of the Adams County Sheriff's Office and another vest that went missing from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

No way to get officers' attention faster than to swipe their toys.

Sixteen brethren of Giron and company, ranging alphabetically from George Askew to Clifford Wright, are featured in the second indictment accessible here. Most of the allegations in their names involve drug distribution -- marijuana in a number of instances, but also cocaine of the crack and powder variety.

From 2005 to 2011, according to the U.S. Attorneys Office, the men used various Hell's Lovers club houses in Commerce City or Denver as HQ for their distribution network. During the course of the investigation, officers also found some lethal firearms and ammo plus over $16,000 in cash. Several homes of suspected members were also raided in recent days.

If convicted, the nineteen face jail stints of ten-to-twenty years and up, and fines that could reach $4 million. That's not showing the Lovers much love.

Look below to see more photos of confiscated items, the aforementioned indictments and a 9News report about the court visit.

hells lovers 1.jpg
Confiscated weapons.

hells lovers 3.jpg
A jacket featuring the Hell's Lovers logo.

Hell's Lovers Indictment 1
Hell's Lovers Indictment 2

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i  live by one of  there club houses  all  i  can  say  is  u  dont  want  to  fuck with  them..       i  seen  frist  hand  what  can  happen  to  you ...   they  are  outlaw  club...   and  the police   act  like  they  are  pussys  if  u  call  for  help.


HELLSLOVERS  MOTORCYCYLE CLUB .      i  seen  about  a  100 of  them  on  the  highway they  LOOK  SCARY too  ..         they  are  bigger  then  the hellsangels .


Wow 16 men and they seized $16,000 cash? A 1911, a Glock, and a sawn-off shotgun that appears to be of legal length(in Colorado that's an 18" barrel, no less than 26" overall)?

These men truly ran a diabolical criminal enterprise. I'll bet they seized over 16 grams of crack cocaine and a couple of shitty pipe bombs too!!11

I know these soldier-wannabe cops need to justify their wages(and shiny new toys purchased with grants intended to aid in the War on Terror), but they'd better slow down a bit or they're going to run out of bad guys.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Drop all the drug charges.  How did they plan to use the weapons?  Perhaps all charges should be dropped. 

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