Jared Polis represents 92 percent of Colorado congressional delegation's net worth: $166M

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Jared Polis.
The Center for Responsive Politics has released a personal finance overview for each member of Congress. We did a little number crunching and found some interesting figures regarding Colorado's congressional members.

Collectively, Colorado's nine-person delegation is worth $166,900,678.

Credit goes to Internet extraordinaire Congressman Jared Polis -- he's ranked as the country's seventh richest member of Congress, and his stash of cash makes up a whopping 92 percent of the Colorado officials' collective net worth. Polis is founder of three Internet businesses, which he sold in multi-million dollar deals.

Honorable mentions go to the millionaires of the delegation: congressmen Bennett, Coffman, Tipton and Udall, and Congresswoman DeGette.

Congressman Cory Gardner trails behind the rest with a net worth just over six-digits.

Below is the average net worth of each of Colorado's members of Congress:

• Jared Polis: $143,218,562
• Michael Bennet: $12,225,513
• Scott Tipton: $6,506,537
• Mark Udall: $1,405,524
• Diana DeGette: $1,267,012
• Mike Coffman: $1,075,002
• Ed Perlmutter: $967,519
• Doug Lamborn: $129,503
• Cory Gardner: $105,506

These figures are based on the most recent 2010 financial disclosure statements of each member of Congress. For a complete list, check out the Center for Responsive Politics website.

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rampart ranger
rampart ranger

Eric, Jared Polis is one of the worst crony capitalists in the Congress. As detailed in Peter Schweizer's "Throw Them All Out," Polis invested heavily in BridgeHealth, a medical tourism company at the same time he was sitting on two committees working on the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act, betting that medical tourism will go up under the new plan.  His votes coincided with the work in the committee, leveraging his insider information for profits.  He also used insider information to buy biotech stocks in coordination with his closed-door committee work, as it was extending 12-year exclusivity clause for biotech drugs, as opposed to the usual 5-year limit before generic production can be done.  A huge windfall for investments like PowerShares Dynamic Biotech and Genome ETF, which Polis made simultaneously with the bill moving forward.  Moving from a 5-year to a 12-year generic regime adds a big burden to consumers, literally billions of dollars, but hey, Jared got a sweet gain out of the deal.

As to your comment .."FDR was .... responsible for lifting the nation from the depths of depression to victory in the 2nd World War."  How much "lifting actually took place? In 1939, 10 years after the beginning of the depression, the US was still saddled with a "jaw-dropping" 17% unemployment rate,which only began to go down when 13 million men were drafted into the US military.  The US economy was rotten at the beginning of WWII and at the end, in 1945-46, life was still extremely difficult for American families. Only when the Congress elected in 1946 slashed tax rates and regulations did the economy take off. 


Good numbers breakdown.

FDR was jaw droppinglingly wealthy and was the greatest president of the 20th Century, responsible for lifting the nation from the depths of depression to victory in the 2nd World War.

He considered war profiteering a capital crime, levied taxes on the rich and corporations, put millions to work on public  projects and provided power to rural America with massive undertakings. During he Presidency, America was the beacon of light in a world darkened by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Il Duce, Tojo, and a host of other monsters..

Evil doesn't neccessarily accompany wealth. True enough, in the case of Gardner, Gessler, Coffman, and the conservatives in general here in Colorado, money does equal voter suppression, greed, and the transfer through legislation of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%.

But Polis is one of the good guys.

I'm glad we have at least some wealthy people with integrity left in our political system.   

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