Jennifer Stover allegedly bilked hospice co-workers out of $30,000 by faking cancer

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People drawn to hospice care are typically very sympathetic. That's basically a job requirement. So it's no surprise that Jennifer Stover's co-workers at Collier Hospice in Wheat Ridge offered her financial support when they found out she'd been diagnosed with cancer.

Problem is, she never was.

That's the view of a grand jury, which has indicted Stover on two felonies.

What's the story? According to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Stover, 35, told a hospice staffer back in 2008 that she had developed a cyst that required "experimental treatment." She allegedly kept this story going over the next several years, using it as an excuse whenever she missed work, which happened frequently. Then, in the spring of 2010, Stover is said to have announced that she had uterine cancer -- and again, experimental treatment was required.

When a co-worker offered to solicit funds on her behalf to help cover her care, the DA's office says Stover authorized it. And the folks at the hospice were uncommonly generous, donating paid leave to Stover while she was getting her treatments and even helping pay for car and mortgage payments, utility bills and groceries.

Not that Stover shrugged off the obligation. In fact, she reportedly offered to pay back donated money from a lawsuit settlement. But the DA's office believes this windfall was as phony as the cancer itself.

In the end, Stover is accused of bilking around $30,000 from a total of sixteen people, prompting charges of theft exceeding $20,000 and charitable fraud.

Yesterday, Stover turned herself in to authorities and posted a $5,000 bond -- which suggests she wasn't all that broke after all. She's next due in court on January 30. Look below to get a larger look at her mug shot.

jennifer stover mug shot.jpg
Jennifer Stover.
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Wouldn't it be a hoot if she actually gets cancer sometime down the road.


It wouldn't necessarily be a hoot, but karma can suck like that sometimes.


Perhaps the term "hoot" was a poor choice but you understand my meaning.


No, hoot works, as in no one will give a hoot about her sorry ass next time. Karma would be her getting some savage form of cancer.

People like her deserve to float face down in rivers and streams. People that take advantage of the sick, the dying or the those unable to take care of themselves(in this case, considering where she works and who the people she ripped off serve, she did all three) will get whatever crap life has in store for her.  Make no mistake, she knew full well what she was doing was wrong and continued to do so for YEARS. that isn't someone who I need to feel sorry for, that is a criminal.

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