John Elway's a tool for way he "endorsed" Tim Tebow as quarterback starter

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John Elway.
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Mile High Report fan poster PostCorner thinks that John Elway's statement about Tim Tebow entering training camp as the Broncos' starting quarterback is all but meaningless.

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Irregardless of how much the tebophallics scream, rant, stomp, hold their collective breath, and threaten to pass out, Elway's finished being bullied into "endorsing" a guy whose future in the league is as uncertain as Tim Tebow's.

While his fanatical legions ascribed the zany, unexplainable, inexplicable events that transpired during the 12 week run up to the disaster in Massachusetts to a combination of Tebow's magic and divine intervention, Elway saw through the hysteria and correctly deduced the streak as a combination of luck ,great defensive plays at key points, and about 7 plays by Denver's offensive unit in that streak.

The capper was Marion Barber running out of bounds when staying in would have iced the game for Chicago.  

Tebow has earned the nod as starter going into camp.......same as Orton last year..........but absolutely nothing more.

If he can be developed into a quarterback, we'll know by September. If not he'll go the way of Max Choboian, John Hufnagel, Don Breaux, Jarius Jackson, Jeff Lewis, Bradley Van Pelt, Scotty Glacken, Tom Brandstater, and about 15 other guys that tried it here.

This isn't about being "a nice kid".

And Elway's done being pushed around by a demographic that's more interested in ramming a social/religious/political message down our throats than having a competent quarterback under center.   

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