Liberty Watch announces ten Colorado Republican leaders as Guardians of Liberty

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Don Beezley.jpg
Don Beezley.
Colorado Republicans are the Guardians of Liberty, according to Liberty Watch, an organization holding elected officials accountable for the organization's proposed "Principles of Liberty."

Early this morning, Liberty Watch held an awards ceromony honoring ten Republicans from the Colorado Legislature, deeming each a Guardian.

Candidates were chosen for defending the aforementioned principles: "limited government, free enterprise, property rights, fiscal and personal responsibility, religious freedom and economic freedom."

Nancy Rumfelt, director of Liberty Watch Colorado, presented the awards to five representatives -- Chris Holbert, deemed the number-one House Guardian, followed by Don Beezley, David Balmer, Spencer Swalm and Jon Becker.

Five senators were recognized, too, with Kevin Lundberg designated as the number-one Senate Guardian. He was joined by Shawn Mitchell, Ted Harvey, Scott Renfroe and Bill Cadman.

Liberty Watch 2.jpg
Jon Becker, Don Beezley, Nancy Rumfelt, Scott Renfroe and Chris Holbert.
Of the six principles, "limited government" was the most heavily emphasized.

"What all these legislators really embrace is the fact that life is not fair, and no amount of government solutions or interventions are ever going to change that," Rumfelt said. "Because whenever you try to legislate fairness, it is always at the expense of another's liberty. This is what these gentleman understand."

"It's an honor to stand up here, especially in a year that we're all up here to prove that less government gets us where we want to be," Becker said.

"I think that the ten of us help show the people of Colorado that you can have a balance between sticking to the Constitution, working with businesses and moving the state forward," said Holbert as he accepted his award. "But we also know collectively that liberty is made whole when government is removed from the lives of we the people."

Although each of the award recipients were Republicans, the complete ranking list shows a number of Democratic representatives who ranked higher than Republicans.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

The Republican Party is the Author of Lies -- these legislators are Enemies of the People!  A special ceremony should be held for all such enemy combatants against our People.


These people are not for "limited government." They all are Big Intrusive Government Republicans on social issues like gaymarriage, civil unions and abortions.

 And they all do the bidding of contributors who want the state to tilt the playing fields in various markets and industries to their favored few, just as the Democrats do.

As a Small Government Republican who wants the GOP to hold at least one house in the Colorado legislature, I fear that the House Republicans are headed for defeat over social issues. And the GOP won't have a chance in the Senate if the national elections are close.

The Left's Colorado Model most certainly has been outraged and energized by Frank McNulty's stand against civil unions. That totalitarians are putting the "Personhood" amendment on the ballot again this year means that the Dems will easily rally young people to the polls and try to take advantage of the redistricting of legislative districts by the Democrats' state Supreme Court.

The hypocrisy of Big Government Republicans and the Liberty group is just amazing.


dawgdouche is obviously so high and brainwashed by leftists propoganda that he fails to see what a tool he is of the progressive elites.  If he wasn't so effing retarded he would notice it's the leftists that are the corporatists.  Do another bong hit and slide back in your hole, dilweed.


Bravo for covering this. Liberty is what helps people pursue their dreams. Centralized government that runs peoples' lives has brought only misery and slavery throughout the ages. America has been a beacon of hope for people all over the world whose governments have forced them to live a certain way. That's why people have always clambered to come here and why they always will. Freedom is a universal goal people everywhere strive for.


Apparently "thedawg" is such an idiot he has no clue that these State legislators don't vote on anything to do with Wall Street because they are NOT U.S. Congressmen or Senators. Do a little research moron, before you dis these guys who are making sure the small businesses don't get run out of town by the big corporation you disdain.


I like white people, they commit less crime and have more money :)


LOOK EVERYONE!!!! a giant pile of white douchebags!!.. I'm sure their version of "freedom" is "freedom for wall street and corporations to continue to fuck us over...


The Koch brothers are "leftists"?

Next time you post, know what you're talking about, "dillweed"!

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