Lisa Wimberger gets a book deal and will return to ILEETA conference

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In June 2011, we profiled Lisa Wimberger (pictured), who teaches stress-relief techniques, including meditation, to police officers across the metro area via her organization, Trance Personnel Consulting Group (TPCG). Since then, Wimberger has landed a book deal, and she plans to return to the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association conference in 2012 (she presented with psi research expert Dale Graff in 2011).

"Since the article in June, my private practice has been quite full, with an influx of those in deeper levels of trauma, more private clients in the first-responder profession and individuals at the state agency level," Wimberger notes. She's also worked out a contract with the Colorado State Patrol to train on stress management and emotional skills in March, as well as contracts with the Denver and Parker police departments to do the same in June.

But if you're not a cop and don't have time for a private session, there's good news: Divine Arts Media plans to publish New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear, a Wimberger tome that compiles her workshop information in a new format. She's shooting for an October 2012 release.

Wimberger has also created an open community Facebook group dedicated to disseminating dietary and lifestyle information that supports those suffering stress diseases and PTSD. And she's working to trademark the term "Neurosculpting"; her workshops on changing neural pathways have been full to capacity.

"In 2012, I look forward to expanding into other law enforcement agencies, bringing Neurosculpting into the forefront of municipal, state and corporate agencies, and continuing to focus on individuals in trauma in my private practice," Wimberger adds.

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Ahva Lenay
Ahva Lenay

The Care, Feeding and Training of a Healthy Brain. Her book could be called this. I can't believe not every kid learns this in school! Basic understanding of how our brain operates, how we can feed it, and how we may harm it should be basic training for every person who has a one. I mean we even get operating manuals for toasters and hair dryers, why don't we have one for our brain?  In just a short time studying with Lisa I've understood a lot of the missing pieces in the way I understand the brain to function. I am learning how easy it is to take care of my brain, and how my body is listening and loves me for it too! Lisa is the perfect agent to bring us the scoop, and the inspiration! Her style is first hand experiential sharing, delivered with ease, wisdom, humor and digestibility. Thanks for helping me 'get it' Lisa! 

Lisa Wimberger
Lisa Wimberger

Thank you, Ahva for your amazing support, your dedication to these practices and to your own transformation, and for spreading the message.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

....And thank you, Lisa, for taking part in this conversation. Much appreciated.

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