Mitt Romney's win in Iowa could threaten immigrants, say Colorado Democrats

Rick Palacio
Colorado's Democratic leaders are worried that last night's win for Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucus could spell trouble for immigrants in Colorado.

"Folks, it takes an alarming event to bring the likes of us together to weigh in on the Republican nomination," Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio said at a press conference today.

"That alarming event is not Mitt Romney's win last night," he continued, "but it is his far-right positions that are dangerous for nearly everyone -- especially our Hispanic families who are trying to build a life in America."

Palacio and state representatives Dan Pabon and Crisanta Duran met with this press to discuss the potential impact of a Romney candidacy on Colorado immigration policies. They said they're concerned about Romney's attempt to reverse President Barack Obama's efforts to pass the DREAM Act -- a measure that would provide permanent or temporary residency to immigrants living in the United States. Last weekend, Romney gained Tea Party support with his promise to veto the DREAM Act if Obama manages to get it passed.

"Mitt Romney is painstakingly condemning by partisan proposals that address our immigration problem," Duran said. "This issue is about making sure that every child, regardless of whether or not they are a documented citizen, has access to the American dream."

Kylie Horner
State Representatives Dan Pabon, Crisanta Duran and Rick Palacio.
Pabon said he's worried that a candidate with an anti-immigrant platform could pose a threat to communities across Colorado.

"A clear choice is evolving between President Obama and Mitt Romney," Duran said. "With our growing Hispanic community and Colorado's targeted status for this election, that contrast is going to matter in a very big way in this election."

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Кабель HDMI
Кабель HDMI

I live in Denver. I don't feel threatened by the thought of fewer illegal immigrants. Of course the word illegal is left out of this headline, thus it's propaganda.

Кабель HDMI
Кабель HDMI

ONLY a Dem could describe anything about Mitt Romney as "far-right".


"That alarming event is not Mitt Romney's win last night," he continued, "but it is his far-right positions that are dangerous for nearly everyone -- especially our Hispanic families who are trying to build a life in America."!!!First of all, bad call, it isn't only the "far right" that is against illegal immigration, it is MOST Americans!!! As far as, "...our Hispanic families who are trying to build a life in America" those who are here LEGALLY will continue uninterrupted.

Our nation has been turned upside down! Our leaders consider it racist and not PC to want illegal aliens out of our country. When is the rule of law going to become popular again?!!!


Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. WOw.www.Total-Privacy dot US


The irony of this is that 

Mikoe Wozz
Mikoe Wozz

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Your headline should read "Mitt Romney's win in Iowa could threaten illegal immigrants, say Colorado Democrats" and the reply to that is......who cares?

Dave Francis
Dave Francis

LEGAL IMMIGRATION—NOT—illegal immigrants?There is a vast difference.


Now that we have the results from theIowa Caucuses, we must carefully peruse the issues as seen by the candidatesand the ever present innocuous problem of the illegal alien occupation.


Mitt Romney during a campaign stop inIowa on New Year’s Eve, the former governor stated that he would veto theso-called DREAM Act if he was president. And as governor of Massachusetts,Romney allowed state troopers to be deputized to help with the enforcement ofimmigration laws. He also opposed attempts to allow illegal aliens to pay thelower in-state tuition rates at state universities. Although he opposes theDREAM Act, Romney seems open to grant legal residency status to those who servein the U.S. military.


Rick Santorum throughouthis time as senator, Santorum consistently opposed bills that would grantamnesty or other legalization benefits for illegal aliens. He voted against abill that would have produced a guest worker program with a path to UScitizenship for certain illegal aliens. In addition he voted in opposition to abill that would allow certain illegal aliens to participate in social securitysystem. Rick Santorum also voted in support of constructing a fence along ourSouthern border and doesn’t believe in amnesty, although he opposes deporting themillions of illegal aliens already residing in the U.S.


Ron Paul has a similar attitude towardsillegal immigration, that he opposes Amnesty, but does not support deportingthe estimated 20 million plus illegal aliens currently squatting in the U.S. Paulintroduced a bill that would amend the 14th Amendment to the Constitution sothat children born to non-citizens within the U.S. could not attain automaticcitizenship.


Rep. Michele Bachmann, has the best stanceon illegal immigration, but sadly she has stepped down as a presidentialcandidate. Although Bachman has left the race, she will still carry the bannerof the TEA PARTY.  As Senators and Housemembers are regurgitated so to speak for reelection. We must insist that theywill follow the laws passed down to us by our founding fathers? Not theSocialist movement by President Obama and his rat patrol, assaulting thesovereign rights of individual states. Every politician should promise touphold the U.S. Constitution, which is the promise to tens of millions of TEAPARTY members of freedom and liberty. To restrain a government out of controland shrink it; to rewrite the antique current tax code and replacing it with afair and equitable tax for all and no special advantages for those in power; openup our abundant oil deposits and tell the environmentalists, ‘to put a sock init.’


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich surprisedhis audience at a town hall meeting in Naples, Florida in November. He said, “Iam not for a path to citizenship for anybody who got here illegally… But I amfor a path to legality for those people whose ties run so deeply in Americathat it would truly be a tragedy to try and rip their family apart.” But Rick Perry, the Texas governorhas not only granted illegal aliens to pay the lower, in-state tuition at statecolleges and universities, he also proposed legislation that allows them toreceive tax-payer supported state education grants. In August the Obamaadministration began a new policy that subject to the illegal alienapprehended, only those with severe criminal records would be deported. Perryat a campaign stop in New Hampshire told the crowd that under hisadministration, “I call this a horrific policy, but the Obama administrationhas a catch and release policy where non-violent illegal aliens are releasedinto the general public today. My policy will be to detain and to deport everyillegal alien that we apprehend. That is how we stop that issue.”


Just in California, L.A. CountySupervisor Mike Antonovich States the illegal alien cost is $550 million forpublic safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost forillegal immigrants to just Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billiondollars a year. These costs do not include the hundreds of millions of dollarsfor schools.


Notably is the Liberal press using adifferent stance to promote the millions of illegal migrants and immigrantsalready here--saying that it’s good for the economy or asserting these peoplepay taxes.  Yes many do, but they are using either stolenSocial Security numbers from innocent citizens, or an IRS number known as anITIN number. A substantial motivation is they have no alternative, if they wantto get a payroll job? Then according to the 'Heritage Foundation' the amount of$113 Billion dollars goes to supplementing illegal aliens by hard-pressedtaxpayers and every year that amount is rising. The liberal Progressives arealso pushing the environmental position, elaborating the issue for no fencing,because it was detrimental to wild life. Of course nothing is said about the crisissituation for ranch owners, who live in fear from the criminals and illegalaliens passing through their land. These parties burglarize their homes,cutting fences and committing other crimes in the four Border States. Equally unappetizingis the mounds of human garbage left in the border regions, with animals caughtup in the tangle of plastic bottle holders or other trash.


 As released by the IRS, illegalimmigrants are returned 4.5 Billion in child/parent tax credits on fraudulentdocumentation. Little known to most readers is that these foreign invaders sendout of the country annually to foreign banks, between 40-46 billion dollars.Yes! They do pay taxes, but it hardly has any impact on the money that isextorted from federal and state taxpayers for children of illegal aliens anddrains state treasuries, without compensation. Money going to educate, themassive health care deficit and an overpopulated prison system filled with drugdealers, killers, molesters, pedophiles and a growing proportion of hit and runpropagation of drunken drivers; those that are caught.


The Tea Party doesn't discriminate against any nationalityor race, this is an offensive plan by the Democrats to underminethe alternative party who are strictly against illegal immigration, butopenly welcomes those who patiently legally wait their turn, in becoming partof the opportunity that is America.




 If Obama remainspresident and reigns supreme for another term, he will rescind the immigrationlaws that make us safe from drug dealers, drunken hit & run drivers and awhole mess of criminals reaching American soil.  The Obama mob led by Eric Holder, Morton,Pelosi and Napolitano have divided American society after not only suingstarting with Arizona, but have committed their Liberal agenda of using theirmismanaged force to go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county whose dutyis to enforce his state law. Obama is complicit in not enforcing immigrationlaws and now suddenly become slack in deporting nationals. Demand yourpolitician’s co-sponsor the ‘Legal Workforce Bill, known statewide, Mandatory E-Verify.Stop the occupation of our country from other nations, before it’s too late.You can by calling your Senator and Congress person in Congress at202-224-3121.


Our countries laws are being undermined and our sovereigntytrashed by Obama's mules in the Department of IN-Justice. Join a constitutional-orientedTEA PARTY near you. Make sure Obama becomes a one term president, before hisLiberal henchman erodes away the US Constitution. Join the non-profitpro-sovereignty organization. NUMBERSUSA. Be on your guard as illegal alienshave vote and will again in 2012, unless we institute that every voter possespicture ID--which can be authenticated. After the true double fence is builtalong the border, then at such times a uniform ‘Guest Worker’ program can beenacted by Congress. The TEA PARTY believes in an immigration ‘Point System’like Europe, Australia and New Zealand, that welcomes highly skilled workers withexception background in Engineering, the Sciences and Mathematics. We must bemore selective and enforce the laws as legislated in the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill.



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