Obama birther controversy rises from the grave again: The Colorado connection

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Barack Obama.
Denver blog posts are completely house-trained.

Big Media's Jason Salzman on John Sampson, a Coloradan who testified at a hearing to determine if the allegedly America-born Barack Obama is eligible for the Georgia ballot.

Coyote Gulch on a Conservation in the West poll about the importance of public lands.

The Ralphie Report's Jon Woods on CU and signing day.

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Calling it a "controversy" gives credibility to it that it doesn't deserve. 

How about "birther joke"; "birther delusion"; "birther political distraction" or "birther lie"?  All are more accurate.

Gary Rose
Gary Rose

its funny how things get convoluted. Ron Paul, the Father of the Tea Party, completely denounced the "birther movement." 

He said, lol, "His Mom is AMERICAN anyways why does nobody ever talk about that?"

Shitty president to be sure, but this isn't how you get at him lol 


I'm still fairly positive something this well orchestrated could only come from Obama himself. Its a great controversy for him to engineer that keeps any real discussion about his continuance of executive tyranny at bay. 

Obama is the father of the Birther movement. Cable news is scripted.

Ron Paul 2012 


You are as crazy as your chosen candidate.  You should move to his district, because that's as far as he's going, politically.  With that being said, thanks to you and all Ron Paul supporters who are pouring campaign money into the economy.  Fight the good fight.  No really, you'll accomplish something some day.  You will, I can feel it.  It's the breeze of freedom.

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