Reader: Owners who train pit bulls to be aggressive should be punished, not the breed

As we've noted in this space before, interesting comments beget interesting comments -- something that was proven again after we shared the all-capped thoughts of a pit bull lover earlier this week.

Here, a reader suggests that pit bull blame is being misdirected.

Pineapples writes:

There are no dangerous dogs. Only dangerous owners. Dogs pick up on their "pack leader"'s emotions; so if the owner is feeling tense, so will the dog, if the owner is excited and hyper, the dog will be too. So this basically means, if the dog owner is an aggressive little thug, the dog will probably be an aggressive little thug too. My family has owned many, many dogs in the past and not one of them has even come close to attacking a human, and I have previously owned a Pit-bull and he had the most lovely personality. If a dog is viscous or aggressive this is because they have been trained do be so by their owner.

To be honest, I believe that it's the owners that train their dogs to be aggressive should be punished. Not the breed. Pit-bull haters should watch a little Dog Whisperer and see just how lovely this breed of dog can be! I mean, who can not go "awwwwh" at Daddy and Popeye?

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people are ignorant
people are ignorant

Actually yes certain breeds of dogs are more likely to attack and fight other dogs, it is up to the trainer to change this.  Thats like saying that no wolf comes out of the womb ready to kill.  They are animals and must be domesticated in order to not attack.


There are no dangerous hand grenades, only dangerous hand grenade handlers; right pineapples?  People, due to their love of dogs, have lost it and frame this issue in the least helpful way possible.  There obviously are dogs that are dangerous, and it is not always due to ownership.  I can't believe I'm forced to share air with these folks.

Clay Hund
Clay Hund

Comparing grenades and dogs is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I've thrown grenades, and I've owned many dogs, including pit bulls, and I see no comparison whatsoever. 

Chef David Edelstein M
Chef David Edelstein M

So Steve... If Im hearing you correctly, there are breeds of dogs that pop out of the womb ready to fight other dogs and kill humans? Right from the get go?

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