Videos: Tim Tebow's got eager (yet wholesome) dates lining up for him

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Videos below.
Given Tim Tebow's recent proclivity for posing topless in just his Jockeys, no one should be surprised that women are lining up to relieve him of his self-professed virginity.

But plenty of nice girls would love to be chosen by The Chosen One, too. They don't want to get laid -- not until after marriage, presumably. They just want a date.

The subject of Tim Tebow's love life, or lack thereof, was supercharged last month when rumors surfaced that he was getting cozy with Colorado skier Lindsey Vonn -- claims she denied on Twitter. However, that didn't stop TMZ from cornering Vonn and posing the Timmy question. As you'll see in the first video below, she stressed that she is single while noting that she's "not opposed to dating Tim Tebow."

Of course not! Who would be?

Then, even before the Broncos' miracle victory over the Steelers on Saturday, Brittany Kayla Salvesen, a sophomore at Texas' Midwestern State University, posted a YouTube video asking if he'd accompany her to a formal staged by her Christian sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda (Sisters of the Lord). Her come on could hardly be more reverent. According to her, "Our goal is to reach out to our fellow students and our community by showing God's light, His good news and His love to them every day,"

Following in Salvesen's footsteps, but doing her one better is Kaycee Robertson, a graduate of Bethel University who's now a youth pastor. In her YouTube clip, she strums out a self-composed ditty called "Ask Me on a Date, Tim Tebow," featuring the following lyrics:

You are the quarterback for the Broncos I am a youth pastor in hipster clothes

You're good at football and probably everything
I glanced, and saw that you don't have a wedding ring.

You love Jesus more than anything.
So I got my roommates to all help me sing.

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

You love Jesus and people and ministry
I love that you love Jesus and people and ministry.

ArryMay Emay ImTay EbowTay
In pig latin, that is what I want to say

This song is mostly for fun but I totally mean it
I'll be here, next time you're in MInneapolis

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

I know that Denver is far away
I'd drive 13 hours to watch you play
I'll think you're hot 'til I"m old and gray.
So I'll say, yes I'll say.

Ask me on a date (ask her on a date) Tim Tebow

That's the kind of message capable of charming a certain hunky man of faith. But be patient waiting for a call-back, Kaycee. He's a little busy right now.

Check out the videos here.

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oh great now tim teow is gay....just like kordell stewart, troy aikman, steve young, etc....actually, these are men so excited about football, they simply dont have the time, no desire to meeting women btw, all the above are now married.....grow up haters!!


That's doctored video and audio.

He does have a slight speech impediment (exaggerated by the doctored audio), but the impediment looks to be due to a loss of nerve function in his upper lip that you can see when he speaks, which is probably the result of being hit in the mouth throughout his football career.


It's actually because he's the male counterpart to the Virgin Mary where he doesn't actually have to do the deed, just wave his magic wand.

Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas

How do you doctor a video to make a lisp? Did they doctor his little hand gestures too? He's gay. He's gonna be the NFL's first gay superstar as soon as he realizes why he hasn't wanted to find a girl yet.

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