Tim Tebow Super Bowl win will cost Jockey $1 million -- but at least he made topless video

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Tim Tebow.
Could Tebow-mania cost Jockey big? In a perfect world, yes.

The outfit made Tebow an endorser in 2010, long before he started in the NFL, with its release of a Chosen One snapshot that July prompting "multiple small orgasms" according to one Jockey Facebook fan. Now, however, the firm is offering $1 million in prizes if the Broncos win the Super Bowl -- a contest it's teasing with lingering looks at Timmy flesh.

Earlier this week, Jockey debuted a new shot of Tebow on its home page -- and unlike previous images, this one features him sans T-shirt:

tim tebow jockey topless.jpg
Do you think he works out?
In addition, the company released a new video, on view below, in which Tebow enters a locker room in only his drawers, featured in this closeup ass shot...

tebow ass.jpg
Just take it in....
...before he slowly, sensuously pulls on his T and approaches the camera, at which point he thanks Jockey for the "support."

Could that term be meant in more ways than one? Perish the thought!

As for the contest, it works like this: Anyone who shops online at or clicks on a link accessible here through February 5 is automatically entered into the Tebow contest. If the Broncos win the Super Bowl, one person will be awarded with $15,000, while everyone else will receive a $25 Jockey gift card.

A pretty safe bet? Oh, ye of little faith.

In the meantime, Jockey is pushing the Twitter hashtag #IfTebowWins and encouraging folks to tweet what they'll do if things get super in these parts. Some recent examples:

iftebowwins tweet 1.jpg

iftebowwins tweet 2.jpg

iftebowwins tweet 3.jpg

iftebowwins tweet 4.jpg
Let's hope Tebow doesn't throw this Saturday's game just to prevent the agony this last guy's signed up for. Check out the video here:

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