Ten most irritating tweets about Patriots' win over Tim Tebow, Broncos

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Tim Tebow.
Even after a few days, the Broncos' 45-10 loss to New England still stings -- and so do the Tim Tebow taunts of Twitter Nation's I-told-you-so faction.

Look below to check out the ten most irritating we found, including zingers from celebs Jimmy Kimmel, Kat Dennings and Tebow Twitter jihadist Bill Maher, plus a final tweet so offensive that even Tebow haters may think it crosses the line.

No. 10

irritating tim tebow tweet 1.jpg

No. 9

irritating tim tebow tweet 2.jpg

No. 8

irritating tim tebow tweet 3.jpg

No. 7

irritating tim tebow tweet 4.jpg

No. 6

irritating tim tebow tweet 5.jpg
Page down for our top (make that bottom) five.

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Craig T. Greenlee
Craig T. Greenlee

All things considered, the T-Man did OK this season. Bottom line, the Broncos wouldn't have made it as far as they did without him. Yes he had help from the defense and a marvelous field goal kicker. But then again, it seems that the great QBs have that going for them too, Just wait until Tebow really gets comfortable as a pro passer. There will be more ridicule than ever.

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