Ten most memorable post-Steelers miracle Tim Tebow tweets

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Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow's latest miracle win over the Pittsburgh Steelers caused Twitter to erupt like Mount Vesuvius, setting a new record of 9,420 tweets per second. Suck it, Bin Laden raid and Steve Jobs's death.

And today? The flow of Tebow-related tweets continues at such an awesome rate that, as a public service, we've collected our ten favorites in one convenient location. Count them down below.

No. 10:

tebow tweet jan 8.jpg

No. 9:

tebow tweet jan 7.jpg

No. 8:

tebow tweet jan 1.jpg

No. 7:

tebow tweet jan 3.jpg

No. 6:

tebow tweet jan 10.jpg
Page down to see our top five!

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