Reader: School choir singing about Allah is okay, but not a song praising Jesus

james harper.jpg
James Harper.
Last week's post about Grand Junction High School student James Harper, who quit the school choir rather than sing an A.R. Rahman song that praised Allah, inspired comments from folks with extremely disparate opinions.

Here's one from a Harper defender with a keen eye for hypocrisy.

Kkhflyfish writes:

I'm not a Christian or a conservative. But think about it, it's true.... If they were made to sing a song that praised Jesus, there would be quite a stink. But a song with a line about praising Allah is okay? And the comment about Allah being just another harmless name for God.... Come on, U can't be that naive. Every religion calls their "god" by a specific name, and in Islam it is Allah. We all know this. It's just another example of the "reverse discrimination" that's going on. We are supposed to be "tolerant" of gays, muslims, people from all different countries and cultures... everyone except straight white Christians. Aren't we supposed to be tolerant of EVERYONE, including those who think or live differently than we do? I'm sorry, but this kid has a point. And the reporter jumping on Fox News.... So EVERY media outlet is supposed to be liberal biased? We can't have ONE channel for conservatives? Doesn't sound very tolerant to me. Let's reverse it.... If there was a choir song about Jesus being sung, and some Muslim kid in the choir didn't want to sing it, I'm sure that would be okay. But since the kid is obviously a Christian, he's a great target for the overwhelmingly liberal media. Remember, I'm not a Republican or some Fox News fan, just someone who know hypocrisy when they see it.

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This is a non-story. The student was not required to participate in the after-school choir club any more than he was forced to join the varsity baseball team. When public school students are faced with the choice of participating in a voluntary group or not, they have every right not to participate. What they can't do is stop other students from learning about the world.


Why would I listen to someone who cannot spell out "you" and uses incorrect ellipses.  They did sing Christian songs.  The entire song, and for that matter the after school club, was COMPLETELY optional.  You're a misinformed moron Kkhflyfish.


Breaking News:  Ignorant goober quits choir, film at 11.


ryan cordova
ryan cordova

You mean Muslim students aren't forced to sing the national anthem or say the pledge of allegiance?

I guess every school I attended missed that memo.

Scott Burchfield
Scott Burchfield

Funny. Jews and Christians in the Middle East call God, Allah. Why, because that is what God translates to.


I don't remember Jesus being mentioned in the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance.

Also, read the news sometime.  Muslim students (and sometimes basketball players) refuse to sing those all the time... and are allowed to abstain.

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