Over the weekend: Blues Traveler, Daniel Junge, Matt Selby and Buffalo Bill

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You were busy this weekend. We know, because we've been keeping track of the phone you had on our Show and Tell, Backbeat Online and Cafe Society blogs, as well as our slide show page.

Look below for samples featuring Blues Traveler, Oscar winner Daniel Junge, Matt Selby and Buffalo Bill.

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"Apart from the band's annual Fourth of July show at Red Rocks, it's tough to imagine a better local setting for a Blues Traveler show than the eTown radio concert series on the Boulder Theatre stage. The intimate feel of the venue, the conversational structure of the show, the large and loyal Blues Traveler fanbase in the eTown audience -- all of these factors worked in the band's favor during its appearance in Boulder last night. It was an atmosphere that gave the quintet space to deliver its best-known hits, reflect on its 25-year history and cover some tunes that, judging from the standing ovations, resonated deeply."

Read more in "Review: Blues Traveler and Ruthie Foster at Boulder Theater, 2/26/12."

"Colorado-based filmmaker Daniel Junge won an Oscar for Saving Face, the short documentary film that follows a Pakistani plastic surgeon dedicated to performing reconstructive surgery on women who've been attacked with acid."

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"Denver Restaurant Week -- or, as Row 14 chef Jensen Cummings coined it, "Denver Restaurant Half Month" -- began in earnest on Saturday night, with 340 food temples across the metro area offering multi-course menus for two for $52.80. Chef Troy Guard and his crew from TAG and TAG RAW BAR were gearing up for the culinary circus on Saturday afternoon with a pizza party; at Luca d'Italia, the staff is shaking off the stress by doing pilates every morning; and Matt Selby, chef of Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's, wrote a thoughtful precursor to Denver Restaurant Half Month last Thursday on his blog, serving up sage advice to servers, chefs and diners alike."

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"On Sunday, February 26, 2012, the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave will open a new special exhibit titled Buffalo Bill Superhero. The character of Buffalo Bill (born William F. Cody) was on the cover of almost 2,000 dime novels, making him America's first comic book hero and paving the way for Batman and Superman."

See more in "Buffalo Bill: America's first superhero?"

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