CU Regents support Colorado ASSETS tuition plan for illegal immigrants

The Colorado Legislature is once again tackling the issue of tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, and yesterday, CU's Board of Regents voted 5-4 to support Colorado ASSET, with Republican Regent Tillie Bishop joining the Democrats. The vote came after much passionate discussion -- because with every issue involving illegal immigration, there is always passionate discussion.

We talked about Colorado ASSET on Colorado Public Television's Colorado Inside Out public-affairs roundtable last week, and after I said that I endorsed the proposal, I received this e-mail from Larry in Brighton:

Just saw a portion of your TV spot...where you are worried about higher education for students of illegal immigrants. What about my grandson with a 4.4 average and his advisor told him there are "no" college/university grants/programs available for him? He is the child of "legal" US/Colorado citizens....where is the equity in being "legal"?

For the record, Colorado ASSET would create a third category of tuition at state schools: standard-rate tuition. To be eligible for this rate, a student would have had to attend three or more years of high school in Colorado and graduate or obtain a GED. The student would then have to apply and be accepted at one of Colorado's institutions of higher learning within twelve months. Colorado ASSET students would not be eligible for any state or federal financial aid.

But what they would be eligible for is a potential future. They could stay in the state that might be the only home they've ever known -- many of these students were brought to this country as infants -- and continue their education.

Rather than costing the school money, speakers addressing the the CU Regents said that ASSET could bring in an additional $4 million annually to institutions of higher education in Colorado.

Maybe some of that money can go to aid for students like Larry's grandson.

Before Helen Thorpe's husband, John Hickenlooper, was elected governor of Colorado, she published Just Like Us, which follows four girls from Mexico -- two here legally, two here illegally -- as they graduate high school and go to college. Thorpe followed another Denver high school student, a boy named Pablo, for "Head of the Class," a Westword story.

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"- many of these students were brought to this country as infants -" How do you know? What statistics do you get this from? As far as I know only Pew has any reliable statistics on illegal immigrants and I don't think they have a statistic on how many college age illegal immigrants in Colorado were brought over as infants.But this is just semantics. What annoys me is that the above "fact" highlights the use of emotional appeals by pro illegal immigrant advocates to frame their arguments no matter how dubious the claim may be. I know emotional appeals are effective, but I see it so often from these people because their other arguments are pretty weak. Which leads me to the other fact- "Rather than costing the school money, speakers addressing the the CURegents said that ASSET could bring in an additional $4 millionannually to institutions of higher education in Colorado." That's great! Except that since these illegal alien students are taking a subsidy provided by the State, it's gonna cost money. Meaning my tax dollars.Thanks for that.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


Nevada--has the same problems asthe Sanctuary state of California, Arizona that has been overwhelmed by povertyfrom the large influx of illegal aliens. The only difference is the legislatorsin California and Nevada disregard their resident’s pleas for help and stillpander to foreign nationals. That's why all Governors, Mayors and everyofficial, who supports this growing plague must be removed from office. Everyperson who wants the 2006 real double fence, The Legal Workforce bill, recognizedas E-Verify and The Citizenship Birthright Act amended should join the TeaParty or other strong advocates on this matter. Illegal immigration costsCalifornia $10.5 Billion annually, with Nevada annual fiscal burden ofimmigration to be approximately $630 million as according to the HeritageFoundation. Powerful interests in the state garner the benefits, while theaverage legal California family gets handed over nearly $1,200 annually. So what’sthe real cost in Alabama or any of the other 47 States?

Fortunately it just goes to show that legal immigrants especiallygenerations of Hispanics are against illegal immigration and are forenforcement, by their positive vote in Florida for Mitt Romney. They too are sufferingfrom the indignation as being blamed from the 500.000 that illegally entersAmerica. Of course Nevada has its own set of problems, for it also has beenflooded with illegal aliens. They have infiltrated the service industry,entertainment and worse hit of all—construction. Taking jobs for bonefide UScitizens and legal residents, who were rejected as Contractors andsub-contractors could make more money from discount labor. They didn’t have tooffer benefits to foreigners, who swarmed Nevada during the height of the realestate boom. Other then Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, Gingrich and Paul cannotbe trusted with their promises to the foreign nationals, as they are against thefence and are calling with a Path to legality--that is not what the generalpublic want?


In one of the latest polls Maine voterswere asked about their views on legal immigration. A substantialmajority of respondents, 59 percent, judge that overall levels "are toohigh and should be reduced," while only 6 percent believe immigrationshould be increased.

Among the key findings of the poll:

65% believe that illegal immigration negatively affects Maine. 78% oppose in-state tuition subsidies and/or admission of illegal aliens to public universities. 65% support state involvement in immigration enforcement, similar to policies enacted in Arizona and other states. 43% believe illegal immigrants take jobs from American workers, while only 32% believe they fill jobs Americans will not do. 59% support reducing overall immigration to the U.S., while only 6% support increasing immigration.


In California and Nevada millionsof jobs that should be in the hands of citizens, instead have been stolen bypeople from across the globe.  Huge amounts of expenditures have beengrowing, because of careless use of Taxpayers’ dollars by politicians. Specificto Border States is the spiraling high cost of millions of illegal alienspouring in, demanding equal rights to US citizens. 22 million Americans are outof work and President Obama has passed executive orders, so hundreds ofthousands of unlawful migrants and immigrants without a criminal record canstay here. Farmers want the cheap labor, as they remain exempt for paying theirmedical issues or even their children's schooling. Democrats will look theother way in all elections, as illegal aliens are voting and will again through2012.  These are two unfunded mandates that the US government pays nothingtowards, and  state compliance laws is mandatory and forced upon Americansby the courts. The low estimate for paying for all these unfunded mandatesannually is $113 billion dollars.  Except to stay here, you have to havefood, medical care and for their children and education. Staying here it meansyou have to commit a felony, as to find employment you must possess alegitimate Social Security number, unless the employer is committing an illegalact themselves. Therefore using some persons SSN is a victim of identitytheft and that is a –FELONY.  


As a patriotic American people wecannot afford to stop pursuing full, mandated “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” ormandated nationwide E-Verify. Without it our countries businesses will beoverrun by illegal workers in every sector of industry. The circumstances havenow become so critical, owing to the millions of jobless citizens, legalresidents that our government needs to insist full operation of the computerbased application. E-Verify is a valuable tool that has expanded to a growingnumber of honest businesses that have participated in the removal of foreignnationals.


There is toxicity amongst theDemocrats and Republicans, who have an irrational view and are eager to destroyany immigration enforcement at our undermanned border or tourists who overstay deliberately.As it stands a path to citizenship, espoused as Immigration reform wants tolegalize all those already here. Can anybody imagine if foreign countriessupported their citizens that America would not be suffering the problems offoreign workers and their families crowding the emergency rooms of majorcities, educating their children and feeding off the limited benefits affordedthe US population? E-verify must not be undermined or thrown into the waste pitof good immigration bills?


Phone 202-224-3121 is theWashington center switchboard, to express your infuriated feelings and anguishat Senators and Representatives of both parties. Obamacare for all Americanswill be inundated with illegal immigrants and will just drive more of them intoour nation. They keep declaring no health care treatment for any illegalpeople, but unl ess the mandated federal bill such as E-Verify is operational, thenhow can we distinguish from the legal population and those who have brokenimmigration laws? Under such a Congressional law, the long trek home will beginif illegal workers cannot find a job. Those business owners who fail to complycould end up in prison or fined millions of dollars?  All immigration bills need to be passed beforeObama tries to pass another failed amnesty, as in 1986.




And the pandering continues.

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