Photos: Dougherty gang pleads guilty to lesser charges, could be free before they're old

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Big photos below.
The Dougherty gang -- Lee Grace, Dylan and Ryan -- may have precipitated a nationwide manhunt prior to their car-flipping arrest in southern Colorado last August. But thanks to a series of plea deals, they may not spend the bulk of their lives in jail -- good news for those mesmerized by Lee Grace bikini and nude shots that became online sensations during the period when they dominated American crime news.

As we've reported, Ryan, 22, had a reported fourteen felony busts on his record prior to Colorado arrest, while Lee Grace, 29, had racked up five, including a hit and run -- leaving Dylan, 26, to trail the pack. But he's said to have participated in a rash of criminality possibly prompted by Ryan being forced to register as a sex offender.

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Dylan Dougherty.
Whatever the case, the three were wanted for an August 2 police chase in Zephyrhills, Florida in which shots were fired at a police officer, plus a bank robbery a few hours later in Valdosta, Georgia, featuring automatic-weapons spray. Then, following a sighting at a Colorado Springs REI, the Doughertys were involved in another police chase before being captured south of Pueblo.

After their capture, the trio continued to make news. Example: Last month, Dylan allegedly tried to escape from jail -- but not before leaving a note for his captors letting them know he'd enjoyed his stay.

Nonetheless, Dylan and his siblings got what appear to be pretty decent plea deals. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Lee Grace pleaded guilty last week to attempted first-degree assault and two felony menacing counts -- offenses that could net her up to 28 years in prison, but as few as nine.

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Ryan Dougherty.
Then, yesterday, Ryan and Dylan came to an agreement, with Dylan pleading to five counts of felony menacing. He could get up to a twenty-year jolt, but the prospect of a lighter sentence remains. As for Dylan, he entered a guilty plea on just one count of first-degree assault. Although he could receive between ten and 32 years in prison, he doesn't have a slew of priors, unlike Ryan and Lee Grace -- so his punishment will probably fall on the lower end of the scale.

The Dougertys still have other allegations facing them in George and Florida, but the sentences from there will run concurrently with their Colorado jail time. And if they do as good a job of negotiating down the charges there, they could may taste freedom while they're still spry enough to enjoy it.

Look below to see the aforementioned shots of Lee Grace. The early ones, in which she's at least somewhat clad, are from her Flickr account, complete with comments primarily posted before the gang's capture. As for the last images, which feature considerably more skin, they come courtesy of TMZ. The latter are censored, but still NSFW.

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Sample comment: "Damn, such a hottie .. I hope you never get caught! Run for Mexico sexy!"

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 Why put them in prison? Give them a reality show. America loves outlaws(and the rest of the world does too apparently).


 most likelly  ice, not coke...


Actually, neither. I know these guys. They like zanex & weed. But he does look jacked up though. I was good friends with Dylan. And a friend of mine dated Lee Grace. This whole story was so over glamorized. The story In GQ mag has a pretty accurate depiction. Of what happened. Good read. You can find it online.

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