DU meme page declares comedy war on...everyone!

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14 du memes.jpg

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Page down for more DU memes:
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Cassandra Tafoya
Cassandra Tafoya

Okay, these memes are hilarious and with friends on several of these campuses I visit often so I do agree with most of these. But I can't believe how self-centered some of you college kids are! I go to Metro, and you think that YOUR school is the only one where you have issues parking, issues with the public transportation, and issues getting harassed by Green Peace or the damn Bible Thumpers all day? DEAD WRONG! That happens on just about EVERY college campus.

Adam S.
Adam S.

The DU MEMES is now one of my favorite parts of the day.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

It's grown incredibly, and it's barely a week old -- so you're definitely not alone, Adam. Thanks for the post.

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