Reader: Kyle Dyer made same kind of mistake many dog lovers do when she was bitten

Kyle Dyer.
For the better part of a week, our reports about 9News anchor Kyle Dyer being bitten by a rescued Argentine Mastiff on live TV have generated comments aplenty.

Here's one that balances compassion for Dyer with some constructive suggestions.

Paul Satchwell writes:

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Kyle! You did something that I see dog owners do all the time around Denver...with dogs that are not theirs. Nothing new for dog owners, that's a reason why we are called 'dog lovers'. Let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone and I wish Channel 9 makes more thoughtful decisions regarding employee safety for all.

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Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

News9 owes it to their viewers to bring a Dog handler on Nine Wants To Know and demonstrate how to approach a dog that does not know you.

Always approach a Dog slowly and reach out your hand with your hand clenched as a fist.If the Dog bites, you won't lose any fingers.Carefully observe the Dog's eyes and teeth for anger and back off if the Dog's teeth start to show.

Never kiss a Dog, they lickĀ other Dog's ass.

Please Google: RTD Light Rail Train Crash

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