Reader: 9News hypocritical for trying to block Kyle Dyer dog bite footage

The comments continue to pile up on posts about 9News' Kyle Dyer and her dog-bite injury, including one featuring an admission in a Today show story that the station has been trying to keep attack footage off the Internet because of the traumatizing effect on staffers. This rationale prompted from passionate responses from readers -- including this one.

Mkavanagh519 writes:

The same people who go through amazing lengths to report and video tape anything horrific, (the worse, the better it seems to be) happening to ''everyday'' people. Then a horrible story unfolds involving ''one of them,'' a co-worker non the less, not just ''everyday'' people. Suddenly, despite having a SHOCKING HEADLINE STORY and excellent LIVE FOOTAGE of the event, it's not something they feel needs to be shared with the world and broadcast!!! Just goes to show they do know what they're putting people through when they're ''just trying to get the story." They just dont give a shit!!! BASTARDS!

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It's ridiculous! The entire situation needs to be re-examined. I live in KC, and am willing to go to great lengths to protect this dog. I am not saying that I don't feel bad for the woman, it's terrible what she has endured, however (just to be sure it's said), it's her own fault. If she really was the animal advocate she says, she would be fighting for the dog to be released and for the ticket to be withdrawn the dog's owner received.  If anything, the clip (however disturbing) show be shown as a teaching tool for children and those less inclined to know a dogs cues.  Hiding it is NOT the way to go about this. The public outrage alone, should be showing ABC and its Denver affiliate to allow the clip,  


Couldn't have said it better!

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