Kyle Dyer dog bite: Gary Shapiro on interview, her upcoming Today show visit

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Kyle Dyer.
The Kyle Dyer/9News dog bite incident continues to stir passions, with observers questioning whether last week's interview with morning show co-host Gary Shapiro was legitimate news or a ratings stunt. However, Shapiro says he's received great feedback from local viewers about the chat -- and he adds that plenty more will get the chance to see how Dyer is doing tomorrow, since she'll be in New York City for an appearance on the Today show.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the Denver Post reported that Shapiro put a brief note on his Facebook page reading, "So you may have seen Kyle get bit by the dog in the 7 a.m. hour. All we know for sure is that he got her on the lip, and she's being treated for the injury at the hospital. We think she's going to be OK, she was talking when she left." As I noted in our initial post, I was unable to find this item shortly thereafter, but Shapiro insists it was never deleted and remains on the page. Neither I nor a colleague were able to find it a short time ago, but given the irritating aspects of Facebook's new Timeline feature, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Gary Shapiro.
In the meantime, Shapiro characterizes the feedback from his interview with Dyer as "good. I've had tons of e-mails and Facebook posts and tweets and that kind of thing. It's all been pretty positive."

Why wasn't Dyer specifically asked if, in retrospect, she felt she'd made a mistake when she put her face inches away from Max, an Argentine Mastiff who'd been rescued from an icy pond the day before?

"I don't know if it was asked in those words, but we did talk about that," Shapiro maintains. "There was a sound bite to the effect that she thought it was an accident. Obviously, she got bit, so she probably got too close, but we didn't dwell on it. And I think she's answered that many times in different interviews since last week."

What about the way the interview was publicized? Some media sources saw the various teaser promos, which didn't provide a direct look at Dyer's face, as exploitative in a way that seemed particularly crass given that she's a member of the station staff. But while Shapiro says that he didn't have anything to do with the spots other than appearing in one of them, he stresses that "they didn't strike me that way."

As for Dyer's current frame of mind, Shapiro says, "She's doing pretty well. She's actually going to New York today; she's going to be on the Today show tomorrow morning, during the seven o'clock hour Denver time. They called her last week and asked if she would talk to them if they flew her to New York, and she said, 'Sure.'

"She's so positive," he continues, "and I think she's using this national interview as another positive step. There are so many dog bite victims out there, and if she can bring attention to the issue and tell them to be more careful, that's what she's going to do."

Here's another look at Shapiro's interview with Dyer:

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Mary Ames
Mary Ames

I am fed up with the Today show always having interviews about animal  attacks or bites or whatever. How about having a segment on the seeing eye dogs, the canine rescue team, the companion dogs the comfort of a pet to the elderly, the working horses and donkeys and on and on ? You certainly appear to dislike animals and for that I dislike you.Mary AmesChestnut Hill , MA


As an avid dog owner and dog trainer for over 40 years and after watching the event fully, I can't believe they didn't put down the dog. 

There are many amazing animals out there that don't behave like this in that situation. I'm sure the owner said...." We've never seen this behavior before." But in reality, they have. They just choose to ignore it or took it as normal canine behavior. There were signs. This is not normal behavior. 

In the end, the dog will most likely bite some else. Hopefully, not a child that will be mental and emotional scarred because of the event. The news needs to also follow the story after these events. They need to follow the civil verdicts handed down for thousands of dollars against the dog owners. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility that most people don't fully understand. 


I hope she is doing well but Channel 9 has done everything it can to get ratings from this. They did a whole week on dog facts if that not using her injury to gain raiting then what is?

Tell the truth
Tell the truth

Gary Shapiro is an old guy (by their industry standards) who needs to keep his job.  He "ain't goin' nowhere".  Figuratively and literally. This guy did the interview, yet he says "I don't know if it was asked in those words, but we did talk about that," when asked about how wise it was to  of get in the dog's face. HE DOESN'T KNOW?  Then mentions 'being interviewed nationally is positive step.'  Of course it is, it is milking the 9 news connection. I hope that after this foray to the big time, we will see little or nothing after that. After all, she's healed, show's over.  9 news will need to look for some other avenue of shameless (shameful?) self promotion.


Is Max going to be on the Today Show as well?


From the beginning, I've thought this incident was unfortunate for all involved. I was surprised to see how extensive her injury was. I've watched the initial video numerous times and still don't really believe the dog was angry or trying to attack. I would even go so far as to suggest that if she and max met again he might offer a tail wag. Not to diminish her consequences in any way, this was a very unfortunate accident that could have been avoided. I believe there are important lessons that can be learned, for dog owners as well as those that are around them. I hope Kyle's recovery is swift and complete. I also hope Channel 9 is fully forthcoming with regards to her full medical expenses and missed time. This incident has certainly brought them  a ton of media exposure. The opportunity for the ultimate result of that exposure to be viewed positively is totally in their hands.


Nope, not about the ratings at all.

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