Marijuana: Tim Wilson, jailed in Japan for Cheeba Chews, reportedly to be released

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Tim Wilson, a 25-year-old Colorado man arrested last year after Japanese authorities say he conspired to have marijuana candies sent to the weed-intolerant island nation will finally be coming home, according to 9News.

The station quotes Wilson's family as saying he received a "suspended sentence" and should be back on American soil soon.

We brought you Wilson's story last November
. The honors student was studying abroad and helping out with earthquake relief efforts when a friend sent him a care package containing Cheeba Chews, a popular, THC-laced treats. Wilson never received the package, but still faced up to ten years in Japanese prison, as officials said he requested that his friend send him the edibles.

The Japanese courts pointed to an e-mail between Wilson and his friend in which Wilson jokingly said it "would be a good idea" to send marijuana oversees. Wilson adamantly insisted that the joke was lost in translation and that he had never actually requested the candies be sent to him. He contends that he had no way of knowing his friend would be such a fucking moron do such a blatantly illegal thing.

No word on exactly when Wilson -- a card-carrying medical marijuana patient -- will be back in Colorado. We'll try and catch up with him when he does. But in the meantime, I hope Wilson's friend has a nice big apology bowl waiting for him.

Click to read our original story, "Medical marijuana: 10 years for Cheeba Chews in Japan? Western states aren't much kinder," which shows that marijuana punishments in Japan aren't nearly as harsh as those enforced by some of Colorado's neighboring states.

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Denver MMJ Patient
Denver MMJ Patient

As Thurgood might say: Ten years, just for medical marijuana? Daaamn!

I'm glad to see that the medical marijuana patient is coming home after less than a year, a bit more feasible of a sentence for something as small as a couple Cheeba Chews, which at worst, might cause a short spike in increase of Japan's food sales.


I'm not really really certain though. . . the verifiable truth is that marijuana medication illustrates its benefits and that they will not be tucked quietly away for long.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Semi di Cannabis


Cheeba Chews ROCK!!

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Hostility towards cannabis is one of the least endearing characteristics of the Japanese government.  Japan's failure to establish rational public health policies with regard to the use of drugs is made plain in the present case -- threatening an aid worker and student with a ten-year prison term -- this in a nation which has allowed the addition of l-theanine to soft drinks as a calming agent since 1964.

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

1) and most thought is was the denial of the Rape of Nanjing (Nanking).

2) Japan's health care system is FAR better than the U$A's.

3) Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

4) and they eat whales too!


Then again, the Japanese government is sovereign in their own land and they can do what they want.  At least this guy didn't get busted in Thailand, Iran, or Indonesia.  You can get flogged, beheaded, or stood up in front of a firing squad.

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