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As most of the rest of Denver was preparing for the big blizzard last week by stocking up on groceries at the supermarket, I went out for more important errands and found myself at B*GOODs with a few other like-minded individuals preparing for a stoney snow day.


80 South Pennsylvania St.
Denver, CO 80209

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.
Online menu: Yes.
Other types of medicine: Hash, BHO, edibles, drinks, tinctures.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

Whereas a lot of shops have locked entryways and security doors between patients and the bud bar, B*GOODs' owners have taken a much more open approach. Instead of locked rooms and security doors, the center is set up like a neighborhood coffee bar -- except there are jars of herb on the counter, not an expensive cappuccino machine. There is even a small sitting area up front where I half expected to see the guy in line while I was shopping sipping a chai latte and reading some alternative weekly fishwrap newspaper.

The pot-friendly cafe vibe makes for an automatic connection with an Amsterdam coffee shop, even for those of us who have never been to the 'Dam. But that association isn't accurate for one very unfortunate reason: You can't smoke herb in medical marijuana centers. I get the arguments against on-site consumption, but let's face it: The bars and restaurants serving booze are way more of a threat to public safety than a few people sitting around puffing a vaporizer will ever be.

Neil, an owner I spoke with after my visit, agrees. He says B*GOODs is trying to stay away from the cold, doctor's-office feel of some dispensaries and create a "respectable, discreet and professional" environment much like a coffee shop or hash lounge in Holland.

My budtender was all smiles when I walked in the door, greeting me like she knew me as I sauntered up to hand over my paperwork. A handful of customers showed up while I was shopping; they all knew her by name, and vice versa. Based on the crowd behind me, I got the feeling B*Goods has been an increasingly welcome neighbor in an area full of Generation Xers who need a toke now and then but don't want to go to a shop with flashing neon pot leaves in the windows or bro-brah budtenders. Neil feels my assessment isn't far off, adding that the shop's patients say they appreciate how well the it blends in with the neighborhood.

First thing that stands out from my visit isn't the herb, but the ton of edibles B*GOODs carries. Mostly stuff from Gaia's Garden, Sweet Earth and Granny T's, but I'm talking everything those companies make. Shelves full of $6 lolipops, $12 almond bars and Gaia's newest creation: the $23 TKO chocolate-and-marshmallow concoction loaded with about 53 mg of THC occupied the walls along with "Grown Locally" Colorado shirts and hats. I also saw a few topical lotions, and the site says the center also carries stuff from the Apothecanna line. For what it's worth, I recently tried some topical rub on my sore back and was surprised at the positive results.

In addition, B*GOODs had what is becoming a standard selection of small glass pipes, as well as two or three different vaporizers and e-cigs (which from here on out I will refer to as e-joints).

The meds on hand were (appropriately) good. Not great, not bad. Just good. All of the jars on the counter had similarly popcorny buds and some looked to be well-grown but not well-finished. The bud was kept in large jars on the shiny granite counter that were arranged from sativa to indica, with hybrids in the middle. A few strains that stood out were the ATF, Mama San, NL #5 and Blue Kush. Unfortunately, most of the strains had a similar uncured-bud smell to them, like a jar of blended hash. The only cut that seemed to be really on-point was a jar of Jack Flash that I saw only after I had paid and was wrapping things up. Apparently, I also should have grabbed the Cindy '99, Wheelchair, Pineapple Kush or Mama San, according to the owner. The good news is that the drying/curing problem is a relatively easy fix. You can check out the actual buds they have on the shelf right now for yourself using B*GOODs' new strain menu.

Even smaller buds were sold as "second shelf" herb for about $5 less on the eighth, as well as mixed house shake for $6.25 a gram all the way up to an ounce. Despite the average quality, it was some of the best-looking shake in terms of actual buds (not trim) that I've seen in a while. I didn't have a need for it, but I know there are plenty of you out there who love it for rolling up joints. The shop grows everything in a soilless hydro system, keeping things on a perpetual harvest so that strains rotate through the shop often. Plus, B*GOODs stocks in-house blended bubble hash, separated out by filter screen size. As I found out later, the bubble would have been a better buy over the butaney BHO that I took home.

On the positive side, the shop is very discreet, being tucked away in the small retail area along Pennsylvania. And for neighbors, it's probably a nice walk in the spring and summer -- especially if you're making a pit stop at Carmine's before or after for some smoked-chicken rav or baked ziti. The bud isn't anything special and would be mid-shelf at more discerning shops. But what B*Goods has is clean, and everything sells for $25 an eighth or less if you're a member. The shop even still takes credit cards. It's not anything I'd drive across town for right now. But there's really not much one can complain about at that price.

Page down for reviews and photos of the herb William Breathes took home from B*GOODs.

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80 S. Pennsylvania, Denver, CO

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High Country Caregiver
High Country Caregiver

I was watching a show on medical marijuana in California.  The dispensaries there are allowed to buy their marijuana from vendors.  The quality looked much better.  What impact has the 7- / 30 law had on quality?  Having to rely on one garden can only lower quality compared to getting to choose product from an unlimited number of suppliers.


retailme not and Printapons saves me lots of time and money and more than that it make the online shopping lot more fun when you get discount!!


I do agree with you! the truth of the matter is that marijuana treatment tells its statistics and it will not be concealed for long.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Semi di Cannabis

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Repeal the unconstitutional HB1284 !!

*** Legalize Marijuana Like Tomatoes !! ***


As a dispensary owner I feel that the 70/30 rule is a good thing.  We have the ability to grow about 50 varieties in our warehouse.  We control the environment, cleanliness and nutrients that go into making out meds.  My customers and I know exactly what went into the medicine on our shelves and that is a good thing!

Before the 70/30 rule, I used to get vendors coming into my shop all the time trying to sell me their extra meds.  I would inspect each one and ask specific questions...Did you have any PM issues?, Did you have any pest or spidermite issues? Nutrient mix, how long flush etc.  Many more times than I would like to recall, people would try and sell me meds that were covered in PM, mites and a host of other nasty things that would not qualify their product as medicine any more and more like something that could get a person very sick.


Children can buy tomatoes you stupid stoner. Why do think children should have access to marijuana?

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

"As a dispensary owner I feel that the 70/30 rule is a good thing."

So why didn't you grow 100% of your own prior to the mandatory rule?

Why do you need a mandatory trade-infringing rule to force you to grow 70%?

What else do you need the government to force you to do that you otherwise wouldn't do on your own?

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

If it's the harmless miracle plant that you stoners claim it to be, then why wouldn't you want children to benefit from it?

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