Mike Coffman, Doug Lamborn co-sponsor bill to make English official U.S. language

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Mike Coffman.
Denver blog posts think we should all have Presidents Day off.

The Colorado Independent's Teddy Wilson on Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn joining a hundred colleagues to co-sponsor a measure making English the official U.S. language. Qué?

5280's Jeff Panis shares the mag's photo of the week.

Denver Egotist shares Chip Kalback's Winter X Games snaps. Nice work if you can get it, dude.

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Yep, another brilliant social red herring to waste the chamber's time on.

But, like Lamborn said, with Coffman standing there, nodding in agreement, "By God, if english was good enough for our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, it's good enough for Colorado!".

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