Twenty most memorable mug shots of January 2012

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Big photos below.
Our Colorado Crimes archive has been was very busy during January, filling with stories that range from the bizarre to the tragic.

Look below to see mug shots of those at the center of the reports, and click on their names or accompanying links to check out our original coverage.

adam laham mug shot.jpg
Adam Laham.
Read more in "Adam Laham heads back to court in case of five-year-old killing three-year-old with his gun."

ryan miller mug shot.jpg
Ryan Miller.
Read more in "Ryan Miller accused of killing teacher Andrea Roan, Richard Leavitt charged as accessory (33)."

crisanto tirso jiminez mug shot.jpg
Crisanto Tirso-Jiminez.
Read more in "Crisanto Tirso-Jiminez still at large after fatal stabbing of Elia Anastacio (34)."

kenneth paul cline mug shot.jpg
Kenneth Cline.
Read more in "Kenneth Cline allegedly crashed drunk in truck with STAYCLN license plate."Page down to see more of January's most memorable mug shots.

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