Nicholas Athanasiou, ex-prosecutor, among eighty busted in massive cocaine ring

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The slogan featured prominently on attorney Nicholas Athanasiou's website reads, "When Everything Seems Against You, Call Us!" Well, Athanasiou may want to give himself a ring about now. He's among eighty individuals accused of being part of a huge cocaine ring -- one shuttered in what authorities are calling the largest drug take-down in Colorado history thanks to raids on 97 homes.

According to CBS4, Athanasiou was a member of the El Paso County district attorney's office from 1996-2000 before opening his own practice. His mug shot can be seen in the top row of the image below, with a black circle over his face.

Thumbnail image for denver drug strike force arrestees.jpg
Mug shots of arrestees and suspects.

120909 Robbery Lobby crop.JPG
A Hopping Hooded Bandit.
According to authorities, who held a news conference about the busts yesterday, the roots of the investigation can be traced to several 2009 bank robberies attributed to thieves dubbed the Hopping Hooded Bandits, due to their proclivity for hopping over tellers, counters, etc., during their heists.

The haul in addition to the eighty arrestees, as calculated by the U.S. Attorney's Office: twelve weapons, including an SKS assault rifle, AR-15 assault rifle and handguns; $415,140 in cash; 26,129 grams of cocaine; 1,000 grams of crack; and one pound of methamphetamine. As a bonus, some 25 alleged gang members and associates have been charged in bank robberies. Moreover, twelve kids swept up in yesterday's raids are now in the custody of protective services.

Look below to see the CBS4 report, followed by photos of seized material provided by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

1 denver drug strike force.jpg

13 denver drug strike force.jpg

12 denver drug strike force.jpg

11 denver drug strike force.jpg

10 denver drug strike force.jpg
Page down to see more photos.

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Does anyone know who is picking up his cases or were I can get all my paper work?


Cocaine should be legal and administered by health professionals.

If you outlawed insulin Diabetics would be pulling knives on you daily. 

Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer

check out hollie weible's mug, bottom row on the right, she looks happy to be arrested


I think the pictures you can see are the ones not arrested yet, and the blue background photos look a lot like driver's license pics not mugshots.

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