Readers: Is violence the right approach for Occupy Denver?

Kelsey Whipple's continuing coverage of Occupy Denver regularly generates fascinating exchanges.

Here's an example: a pair of comments debating violent protests, affixed to a post about the latest efforts of the kitchen known as the Thunderdome.

Jbonz writes:

To hell with no violence! No change was ever enacted without fighting. Look at the protestors in Greece last week. They (like ourselves) are fucking pissed off at their government for causing such a financial debacle; and they show that anger in the right way. Yeah, it'll cost us some deaths but that's what we will need to sacrifice if we want to overthrow this oppressive yoke strung around our necks. 40 years of oppression is more than enough. Let's start fighting back.

Kim Sidwell responds:

Jbonz, you are wrong. Your attitude only scares people away from this movement and paints participants as criminals... people like you are what gives the police the "excuse" to come in outnumbering us in riot gear. The majority of Americans have not even come close to exhausting their legal and peaceful options to change this country yet (laziness, ignorance, and the rat race that is their life have prevented them from doing so). I think we both agree that the problems we face are very serious, but I believe that change CAN come by educating and motivating Americans to see the truth and encouraging them to make the necessary changes without resorting to violence. Your attitude does exactly the opposite of what we need right now... your saying exactly what "they" want you to say. You're giving "them" an excuse to label you a "bad guy" and you're scaring people away from a movement that they desperately need right now. With all due respect and only the best of intentions, I urge you... please grow up.

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OccupyDenver is an operation specifically designed by the Government, to give them an excuse to increase their use of violence against real rebellion which might take place in the near future.

All the Occupy/Anonymous movements are so transparent. False flag operations. 

ghost of liberty
ghost of liberty

violence is only a matter of perspective it is only violent when it is happening to you the police in this state and in this country have increasingly resorted to violence as a means to Enforce their will or the corperate will but not the will of the people if and when i protest and do so peacefully  if the police are brazen enough to excercise violent attitudes and postures i believe i am entitled to defend myself from violence so excuse me from saying this but this government is lying has been lying and will continue to do so every race of people every class of people in this country have been decieved by the silver spoon fed idiots running the world into ruination so fuck this government drag the silver spoon idiots out in the streets from the various capital buildings and remove their finery dictating orders from finely appointed offices while the people continue to suffer when was the last time a politician presidential canidate had to eat a top ramen soup for breakfast ? talk about hard times these idiots know nothing of hard times or reality every thing they get their hands in becomes soiled and tainted and in turn these despots have tattered the fine dress of lady liberty and reduced its appearence to filthy rags not fit for even the most sordid of bedraggled whores


Jesus, man!  Take some meds and use a period from time to time.  I seriously doubt you know about hard times, considering you HAVE the time to excrete your verbal diarrhea and paranoid rants.  I don't think "lady liberty" is a schizophrenic, violent moron who wants to drag people into the streets, and I really take offense to your use of the "ghost of liberty" as your name as though you were a noble person.  

ghost of liberty
ghost of liberty

it is so nice to live in a country where people like yourself like to rag on someone else period  as i am someone who has been and currently is homeless  comma unemployed comma but going to school comma and not committing acts of violent criminal behavior period you my kind sir or madam are what i call sheep period the ghost is to reflect the absence or growing absence of our liberty if you refuse to see this i cannot help you period furthermore comma i am sorry you were offended i am offended every day when i watch the news and the top story of the day concerns some crotchety old bitch who happens to own a talking parrot who plays ever so lively with the family dog give it a fucking rest period  i love my country but if you think these politicians give one shit about your liberty comma freedom comma or your future happiness i sir take great offense to that  when was the last time you were invited to eat with those shitheads?? or when was the last time that anyone of those sly bastards came up and shook your hand  and you felt it was meaningful and genuine huh?!? i dont know about hard times ha!! i live quite frugally in my van so that i can incur student debt and remain unemployed there is your great american nightmare so fuck your dream and your criticisms period have a real pleasent day being the great person you are  by the way i am not crazy scizo or violent the potential is always there but i see violence as healthy and constructive if it is used for the sake of humanity to rid oppresive governments reign of terror just ask the native americans who the first terrorists were so sit back and enjoy your FREEDOM

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