Bud Linton shoots pit bull dead after alleged attack on three other dogs

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The local Team Pit-A-Full organization continues to push an online petition against breed-specific legislation exemplified by Denver's pit bull ban.

But such efforts are complicated by stories like one out of Colorado Springs, in which Bud Linton, pictured, shot a pit bull dead after it allegedly attacked not one, not two, but three other dogs.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers received a report of what's described in the CSPD blotter as a "pit bull attack" on the 4600 block of Portrait Place. The item says a man later identified as Linton heard a commotion in his fenced backyard, and when he went to investigate, he saw two dogs attacking his own, a German shepherd named Max (yes, the same name as the Argentine Mastiff that bit 9News anchor Kyle Dyer's face).

bud linton fence.jpg
Bud Linton's fence, which the two dogs reportedly jumped in order to attack his German shepherd.
Linton managed to get Max back into the house, and the other dogs ran off, the release continues. But when he looked for them in the front of his house, he first saw a woman walking two smaller dogs of her own. He then warned her that "two pit bulls were loose in the neighborhood," the blotter maintains.

That wasn't quite right: While one of the dogs was subsequently identified as a pit bull, the other turned out to be a boxer. But before such distinctions could be made, the dogs rematerialized and went after the woman's pets. Linton reportedly tried to separate the brawling animals, but after receiving a bite for his trouble, he went into his house, grabbed a gun and opened fire. A bullet struck the pit bull, which died at a nearby residence, Linton told KKTV. As for the boxer, it split but was later found uninjured.

Neither the woman's dogs nor Max the German shepherd were seriously injured. And while police will not charge Linton in the shooting, officials are reserving the right to do so in regard to the owners of the two dogs that appear to have set the lethal chain of events in motion.

Oh yeah: KKTV reports that a different homeowner shot another pit bull elsewhere in the Colorado Springs area on Wednesday. The animal was described as "aggressive."

Of course, for every pit bull detractor, there's a defender who argues that the breed is no more dangerous than any other if owners train and care for their dogs properly. That point of view is exemplified by the Team Pit-A-Full petition, which at this writing features 7,117 signatures
toward a goal of 10,000.

Look below to see the aforementioned KKTV report.

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Rebecca Furr
Rebecca Furr

The trouble with going after the owners is that somebody has to get injured or killed before anything is done about a notoriously dangerous dog. All the fines and punishment in the world won't bring back your deceased child or pet after they've been killed by a pit bull.  Pit bulls killed more people than ALL other dog breeds put together last year and the year before. They have lead the statistics for the most fatal dog attacks EVERY year since 2003. Wiki fatal dog attacks US.  Pit bulls were bred to bite deeply, shake viciously and NOT let go even when being pounded over the head with a baseball bat. When most dogs bite, it involves a few stitches and some antibiotics, when pit bulls bite it commonly involves reconstructive surgery, broken bones, severed body parts and injuries so severe the victim dies. Why is the pit bull the dog of choice with dog fighters? It's because of those traits that have been bred into them. Cougars only killed 14 people in the last 100 years, pit bulls killed more than that last year alone yet you can't keep a cougar as a pet in a residential neighborhood. Why should pit bulls who have PROVEN themselves to be dangerous and potentially lethal be exempt from restrictions? Pit bulls have been banned from most military housing, over 650 US cities, most airlines and several other nations for a reason. They are different, they are dangerous and they must be brought under control for the safety of the general public.

Chef David Edelstein M
Chef David Edelstein M

Being a proud and responsible owner of four Pit Bulls... My hat is off to Mr. Linton. ANY dog that is on a rampage and is threatening public safety needs to be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. In this case, Mr. Liton was dead-on accurate in his final decision to put the animal down. It is our every hope that Colorado Springs Police and Animal Control Agencies will take a pro-active approach to this on-going issue and develop/ enforce ordinance that will nip the problem in the rear-end: Irresposible Owners, Animal Abuse and Neglect, Backyard Breeding, etc.... where the problem stems from inthe first place.

Please Note- Another breed involved in a dog attack? What? Say it isnt so!!!

David EdelsteinTeam Pit-a-FullDenver, CO

ps... Mr Liton, I hope Max will be OK as I hope for the small dog and his owner as well. No dog deserves to have his backyard or home invaded or being attacked by another dog... under any circumstances.   


Something you didn't add which mean you do not do proper research. Those numbers your so easily threw around don't say how not all dog bites or deaths from dog attack are properly filed due to people guessing the breed as a pit. Considering one of the dogs in this attack was a boxer proves why I'm saying. Think before you speak and know what you are talking about. I've been many calls about a vicious pitbull that was neither a pit or would rather lick you to death.


Loaded with over exaggerated, useless information, obviously to push your propaganda smear campaign on pit bulls? You are ridiculous, and obsessed, and obviously an internet troll. I just looked you up, and commenting on pit bull articles seems to be a full time job for you. Get a life! No one cares about what you think, and there isn't a pit bull crisis, as you make it seem.  

Rebecca Furr
Rebecca Furr

Well apparently the American Pitbull Terrier Association also "guesses" the breed as you can see by looking at this actual pedigree from their site:    You can clearly see that ALL of this REGISTERED pit bulls ancestors are UNKNOWN. Browsing through the pedigrees you can find more of them that have "unknown" ancestors than not. So much for your "purebred" nonsense. Perhaps you are the one who had better "think before you speak and know what you are talking about." Salinas just had 3 calls for pit bull attacks in just one morning this last weekend. Yeah, it's not the dog, my ass.

Rebecca Furr
Rebecca Furr

Over exaggerated huh? Tell that to the victims of pit bull attacks. You want to tell the jogger that got attacked in Chicago and ended up having to have his foot and part of his leg amputated that it's exaggerated? How about the woman in FL who had to have limbs amputated. How about all the kids who have been mauled to death by this ill bred monster dog, you want to tell their parents that it's just exaggerated? You are obviously a pit bull moron and it's none of your business how much commenting I do, I'll be out here trying to counterbalance the LIES you pit bull nuts are telling so that maybe someone will not get a pit bull and not lose their child to it. Until pit bulls are banned/regulated, it's open season on any free roaming pit bull and I'm not the only one that feels that way. Google pit bull shot and you'll see what I mean. Not everybody is buying that hogwash about it's the owner not the dog. Some of us can think for ourselves and see the truth in the statistics.

Jodi Lynn Worth-Ryan
Jodi Lynn Worth-Ryan

Ok you know I get so tired of people saying that the Pit's are the ones that kill or are aggressive by nature, If you going to throw around some stat's why don't you get off your ass and get them your self. You can't get all the information you need just on here.


I'm not talking about registered dogs, I'm talkig about bite reports working in animal control, and keeping up with surrounding cities. I have had many "pitbulls", when when I show up to the house of said dog it be a different breed one even being a young overweight lab. And if you want to get into breeds look all the way back into selective ways we created almost every breed to date. If we had honestly these problems wouldn't exist, and I am a dog lover.

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