Rachel Maddow likens today's Republican candidates to 2010 Senate loser Ken Buck

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Rachel Maddow.
Denver blog posts want to dance with somebody.

Colorado Pols spotlights Rachel Maddow's argument that Republicans fussing about contraception and health insurance are in danger of Ken Buck-ing themselves.

5280's Daliah Singer on the start of the DU lacrosse season.

View From a Height's Joshua Sharf on legislating (not) by the numbers.

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Rachel hit it dead square, she has them exact.

The republican party is a wounded, dying animal, a predator that has managed to devour itself through its' hate, racism, elitist tendencies, fear  and small minded and microscopic view of our world.

To win the red nomination, any candidate must and will contort himself into such a repugnant, vile character that he finds himself unelectable for the general election.

With the economy improving even in spite of the obstructionist republican Senate and the recalcitrant and mean spirited House, the only thing the reds can run on is antiquated social issues, those despicable views of a small minority of Americans that the majority finds reprehensible.

With the 44Th President having ended our involvement in Iraq, having killed Bin Laden and 22 of the top 25 Al Qaeda perpetrators, winding down the Afghanistan quagmire, and with the reputation of our nation greatly repaired by the deftness and abilities of Secretary of State Clinton, the myth of republican foreign policy competence of any degree has been shattered and completely debunked.

The over reach of the Komen debacle, the pandering to the GOP of the pitiful catholic church over the Health Care legislation concerning birth control, the anti-worker legislation in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, etc., the overt voter suppression the republicans are not even trying to mask any more, and the racist, hateful vendetta the republican base has proudly waged against this President have all come together to reveal it as a loathsome, villainous party that deserves nothing but contempt from the general population.

Ken Buck was all of the above and more. Incredibly, rather than learn that eventually mean spirited rhetoric with no sound policy accompanying it eventually becomes tiresome and despised, the republicans have doubled down.

They're now making hate of the President, a disrespect for womens' rights, out right racism,a do nothing economic strategy, and outright pandering to the top 1% their 2012 platform.

Rachel's right.

I can understand why the richest 200 people in this country are republicans. Any one else is a fool. 


All this over protecting some lazy whores "right" to kill a helpless baby.


How dare you talk about your Mother like that.  You're grounded.  Also, your English teacher called and said that you got an "F."  It definitely shows in your posts.  Also, your therapist called and wanted your Mother and I to remind you to take your medication.  Now come up out of our basement and do your chores like a good little ingrate.


Are you serious?

If you're trying to be funny,you're not.

If you're speaking as a republican, you're the perfect example of who and what the red party has become.


C'mon Eric.  Guesto just wants to ensure that there are plenty of helpless babies around to become janitors for their schoolmates.

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