Reader: Rick Santorum is out-polling Barack Obama in Colorado? Really?

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One of our regular features on the Latest Word is Denver Blogs, in which we highlight worthy new items from Colorado-centric sites. In that context, we shared a Colorado Pols link about a survey showing Rick Santorum polling ahead of Barack Obama in a group of states that includes Colorado. These results left one of our readers slack-jawed.

Eric writes:

That doesn't make sense.

I know Santorum won the red primary, but those percentages don't make sense.

Colorado isn't Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, or Arizona. Extremes typically don't play well here. I can see Santorum being carried by the wild eyed zealots that vote in the red primaries, but not in the general against a moderate Democrat like the President.

Odd as it might seem, mittens would probably play better in Colorado than frothy, but neither would be good for more than 45 or 46 percent.

Santorum's crazy religious rants and his war on women don't do well here.

Too many indies, as well as motivated Dem's, and too few delusional reds, even with the latest eggmendment to lure them out.

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i listened to one gop debate and honestly havent heard a single religious or antiwomen rant. Actually he performed energetic and pretty clear, what suprised me he appeared as a much better speaker than Paul or Romney. Romney looks too much as an uninspiring mafia wise guy. Even if Santorum isnt the best republican candidate he has best speech skills and that gave clinton and obama presidency


I think it's clear that Eric hasn't lived in Colorado very long.  George W. Bush won the state twice, with 9 and then 5 points between him and his Democratic challengers.  Social conservatives tend to do very well in Colorado, because there is such a strong base of social conservatives along the Front Range in places like suburban Denver and Colorado Springs.

Romney and Santorum would both beat Obama in Colorado.  Obama's single electoral victory in Colorado was more of the exception to the rule that Colorado is a red state.  Maybe not Texas, but a red state nevertheless.


You're right, there is a goober advantage in El Paso County, and Douglas County reds vote right wing every time, but..................

The State's changed markedly since '04.

If you remember, Bush ran the "Iraq hit us on 9/11 scare, the "gays" grift, and the Swift Boat drunks trashed Kerry successfully.

Since then, we've put two Democratic Senators in, the repubs have gone totally wild eyed, and the State's gone pretty purple.

The recovery's working, the "high gas prices are Obama's fault" grift doesn't work on high school graduates and above, and a moderate Democrat will beat either a rubber toy like mittens or a lunatic like the frothster.

And no, with a Democratic Governor, 2 Democratic Senators, and the State Senate Democratic, I wouldn't characterize Colorado as "red".

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Interesting take, Chris. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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