Rick Santorum polling better against Obama in Colorado than Mitt Romney?

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Rick Santorum.
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In a poll shared by Colorado Pols, President Barack Obama is ahead of Mitt Romney in a handful of states that include Colorado, but narrowly trails Rick Santorum. That's a conservative estimate. collects the day's radio news -- and there's plenty.

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That doesn't make sense.

I know Santorum won the red primary, but those percentages don't make sense.

Colorado isn't Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, or Arizona. Extremes typically don't play well here. I can see Santorum being carried by the wild eyed zealots that vote in the red primaries, but not in the general against a moderate Democrat like the President.

Odd as it might seem, mittens would probably play better in Colorado than frothy, but neither would be good for more than 45 or 46 percent. 

Santorum's crazy religious rants and his war on women don't do well here.

Too many indies, as well as motivated Dem's, and too few delusional reds, even with the latest eggmendment to lure them out. 

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Nice use of the term "eggmendment," Eric. We're going to make your post an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.


Santorum is not going to be president, he's got very little money or support but the press keeps saying his name over and over, that makes people think he's got something.  Just think how well Ron Paul would do if he got a 1/10 of the press that Sartorum gets.....if the Republicans continue to let the press pick their candidates (remember McCain) they will continue to lose. 

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Come now, you can hardly blame the Press for how the mass of Republicans vote.  I have left the Democratic Party, but the Republican Party is no better than a criminal conspiracy against our country, and Ron Paul is one of them.


Everybody knows Ron Paul polls by far the best of all the other candidates against Obama, in every state that poll is takin. 

However, polls Ron Paul wins don't always get reported either, especially on CNN and MSNBC. 

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

He needs to change his party affiliation before I can vote for him, and he has said that he will not run as an independent.  Do you suppose that he will change his mind, or is there some other reason that you think that his candidacy is relevant to the presidential race?

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