Tim Tebow Super Bowl Twitter king thanks to Katy Perry, Katharine McPhee

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Tim Tebow.
No, Tim Tebow is not playing in today's Super Bowl. But somehow, he's getting as much, if not more, attention than most of the Giants and Patriots, especially on Twitter. And why not, since Katy Perry name-checked him at a concert last night, Katharine McPhee shared a photo of the pair, and he's being romantically linked, kinda, to Maria Menounos. Just plain folks are sending love and hate tweets to The Chosen One, too. See ten samples below.

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Page down for more Tim Tebow-Super Bowl tweets.

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Patty Conger Burge
Patty Conger Burge

I certainly could see him with Maria Menounos.  Easy on the eyes couple!!  Katy Perry--not so much!!

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