Tim Tebow signs with William Morris: Coming to a movie theater near you?

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tim tebow jockey topless vertical.jpg
Tim Tebow.
Denver blog posts work hard for the money.

Mile High Report's KaptainKirk notes that Tim Tebow has signed with the William Morris talent agency for his off-the-field endeavors, which haven't included acting thus far. But if this football thing doesn't work out....

Free Colorado's Ari Armstrong sees Secretary of State Scott Gessler's suggested campaign rule changes as reasonable.

Denver PR Blog: DU crunches the numbers on the value of new media degrees.


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Yep, and opening day's comin' like a freight train.

But, if you're Timmy, there's a lot more stuff goin' on than that boring business about learning how to play the position they're payin' ya millions to play. 

Only in timmyworld.

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